Day #4: Who wants more?

Hello everyone! Just over the halfway mark now! Hope you’re all enjoying these cool submissions! Lots of new faces on the Discord, don’t be afraid to come say hi!

Submission #1 COMPATIBLE Tiger Grendels

A lovely new sprite breed based on Snapdragon’s Tiger Grendels! The description CS and Jesseth provided:
Art: Jesseth
Technicals (Body Data, Sprite Compiling, Bug Testing, etc.): CosmicSynthetics

A complete revamp of Snapdragon’s Tiger Grendels meant to further expand on the concept and avoid game-breaking bugs from the original, such as inconsistent sprite image sizes and sprite size allocation issues. Also adds in missing data such as missing expressions, missing life stages, etc.

Uses the original Tiger Grendel genome by default, but comes with replacements that use the jungle grendel genome and Banshee grendel genome. The original Tiger Grendel genome (A modified version of the “Beefcake” grendel genome made by Snapdragon) is recommended for its improvements on the grendel immune system, hardiness, and ability to breed.

Really cool CS and Jesseth!

Submission #2 : Random Relocator

Another awesome entry by Allekha! This is a really cool tool for moving norns about. The description provided:

Want to break up your clustering creatures? Need a little more chaos in your wolfling run? Simply want to get your lazy creatures to move around the world? The Random Relocator can help fulfill your creature movement needs by relocating your creatures randomly around the map at set intervals!

Select how often you want the Relocator to run and how many creatures it should attempt to relocate. Although safety for the teleporting creatures cannot be 100% guaranteed, there are also three options to make relocation safer – one attempts to teleport creatures near the ground so they don’t fall long distances, one tries to avoid teleporting creatures into water, and one tries to only teleport creatures into water. (Please note that due to game restrictions, creatures who are swimming with a swimming agent cannot be teleported.) Creatures will also not be teleported into the hidden C3 metarooms.

Submission #3 : UFO Plushies!

A cool thematic plushie from Mea! Even though these colorful UFOs look like plushies, they are gadgets. Some UFOs are so energetic that they come flying out of the toybox. There might even be a few that don’t want to stop their racing around. Perhaps ettins and flying creatures will have fun chasing them around. The toybox is a smart vendor, but if you still end up with too many toys, then you can remove the extra toys by holding ctrl + shift and clicking on the toys you want to remove.

The template files were also provided to DIY!

Submission #4 : Eggciting Times

Day #1: An old world converted to new, the build number is 2328.
Day #2: Affectionately known as “Trash Pandas” these norns were originally created by Sentinal and abandoned, only to be restored by Verm and myself.
Day #3: This official breed had two jolly iterations, a year apart. the one you’re looking for was made in a year ending in 7.
Day #4: This C1 agent was my first creation. the doll of a famous Italian plumber. It can also be found as an easter egg in C12DS.