CCSF 2023 Finale: Patches and Gifts

Thank you all for another wonderful year! Today’s page is my send off for another year. It’s been great and I hope everyone had fun! I still plan on streaming more Creatures and wobbledogs content going forward!

Submission: Mea’s Aquatic Foods

Some aquatic treats for your norns! Root, radishes and Carrots. Grab them here!

also missed was a mention of the Ghost Heart Radish, which is actually a critter! This is so carnivorous things have something to eat too! These were included in the radish bundle!


Verm’s latest maid bots are here
Patch for the fireflies in ecoport here (see also Freyla’s website)
Malkin made a magic words version of the rock unstucker here
Update to Aiko’s War and Love here
Day 15 Adoptions here

Christmas Treat!

Two little agents (you’ll have to open them to find out what they are!) here! Happy Holidays to everyone!

Grab your gift here!