Day #1: Welcome!

Welcome to this Year’s very first post! It’s an honor to host this year here on the archive, and to help make it the best CCSF I can! If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to message me on Discord at any time!

If you’re interested in participating in the Natsue Warp beta, please join us on the EemFoo discord for details!

I’d like to thank everyone in the community for their support and submissions! Today i’ve got a couple of great pieces of content for you!

Submission #1: Scarlet Mushrooms

Pretty Red!

Made by Mea, she offered this description:

A swiftly regrowing patch of vivid red mushrooms (they count as ‘detritus’) that you never have to worry about going extinct or taking over the metaroom. The mother plant(counts as a weed) in the center of the patch will reseed the mushroom patch as it is eaten and the mushrooms will only grow next to the mother. This agent was made to provide an extra food source for toxic creatures & creatures that eat detritus. There are no extra chemicals in the detritus, just the default stims. The Scarlet mushrooms require the Garden Box, but if there is interest, a standalone version can be made.

And she even wrote them a lovely Story (stay tuned for parts 2 and 3!):

One day a young shee was exploring and she came across a patch of vividly red mushrooms. “So pretty!” She thought to herself. “It’s a shame they are so poisonous.” She stood there thinking for a few minutes before carefully picking the largest mushroom in the patch. “I’m going to fix it so it’s not so poisonous!” Taking the mushroom back to her lab, she started working on the mushroom. Altering and modifying the genetics of the sample she took, she created a new version of that mushroom, one that didn’t have all the extra toxins in it. Many versions were tested and most of them failed, but finally she got a version of the mushrooms she was satisfied with. She held the new scarlet mushroom in her hands and smiled. “Finally! This one, I can share with all my little norns and ettins and not worry about it killing them. Even the grendels can eat it safely… I think. I removed all the poisons, and made it safe. It won’t taste very good for most of them, and a few might get tummy aches because they shouldn’t eat this anyway, but it won’t kill them if they do eat it!” Happily she planted the new mushroom out in her garden for everyone to enjoy.

Submission #2: Starjelly Vine

Now for an entry from SG! these awesome star jellies add another great looking food source to your DS worlds! Their description from the readme: A vine that grows in the warmth above the incubation plate that produces tasty, bouncy, juicy, star-shaped fruit. Absolutely lovely work as always!

Submission #3: Easter Egg Hunt!

Hidden somewhere on the archive is a link to a secret download! Made by me. The clue below should lead you to the correct listing. Somewhere in the listing will be a digital egg. Click it to receive your reward!.

Egg sprite by SG!

#1: An old world converted to new, the build number is 2328.