Day #10: So Long and Thanks for the Fish

It is with a heavy heart I call today, the 10th day of our 7-day community festival, the final day. It has been an honor to be coordinator this year and I’m so proud of how it’s turned out. I’d like to thank everyone for their efforts of creation and participation, seeing you all puzzle out the hunt clues, and the excitement of newly made content has been amazing. Thank you!

Today’s going to be a doozy! Lots of final things to tidy up.

Submission #1: C12DS Upscaled

Tomeno has submitted an update to C12DS that cleans up the dithering of C12DS’s agents, making use of the expanded color palette. They used AI to clean it up! Really cool! (C12DS may have a soft spot for me!)

Submission #2: A Cheeky Meme

SpaceSR has contributed this very silly reference-laden image. Can you find all the references?

Very funny!

Submission #3: Star Plush

The final or Mea’s original submissions, Star plushies! It’s been a real blast! She does have the stand alones coming along, and I have them to put under the “updates” section later on in the post. Mea’s Description:

This toybox is full of colorful Star Plushies for all creatures to enjoy. Under the right conditions, the toys might try to float away. Hopefully that will let flying creatures play with them too. But be careful when you put the star plushies in water. They might start acting a little… weird. The toybox is a smart vendor, but if you still end up with too many toys, then you can remove the extra toys by holding ctrl + shift and clicking on the toys you want to remove.

Submission #4: Life in the Workshop

CS and Jesseth have made us another lovely revamp agent, the original by ub1111. A plant, food, fruit, and seed set aimed at making the workshop more habitable. Their description:

A suite of plants meant for the DS Workshop to help make the room habitable. It covers all the basic food groups (food, fruits, and seeds), as well as detritus. All missing scripts have been placed, additional functionality has been added, bugs have been patched, and the art has been redone.

Submission #5: Termite Mound

A lovely new food source for norns! Great work! Their description:

A termite nest (dispenser) that vends termites (bug) when interacted with. These termites were expressly made to be edible, instinct friendly, and infinite. Though they do die after a time, they do not have any additional lifecycle or a need to eat as to not deplete other sources of food.

Shift-click the vendor to put it in auto-mode! It will dispense a termite periodically until the limit of termites near the vendor is reached.

Submission #6: Eggsploratory Conclusion

Today’s clue is going to be harder than the others and will require a different avenue of mental math. The reward isn’t as big as other days, but I hope you enjoy it none the less. After a couple of days if you can’t get it, I’ll release an easier hint.

Day #1: An old world converted to new, the build number is 2328.
Day #2: Affectionately known as “Trash Pandas” these norns were originally created by Sentinal and abandoned, only to be restored by Verm and myself.
Day #3: This official breed had two jolly iterations, a year apart. the one you’re looking for was made in a year ending in 7.
Day #4: This C1 agent was my first creation. the doll of a famous Italian plumber. It can also be found as an easter egg in C12DS.
Day #5: In my mirror universe these themed Ettins for C3/DS would have been a perfect submission for today!
Day #6: This C3/DS Metaroom has no known author and is primarily made in MS Paint. Manhattan has a very famous “Central” one of these.
Day #7: This agent is required for many of Mea’s submissions. 1.0 should do the trick.
Day #8: This object is one of the last things Steve Grand still has of his time working on C1. While never released officially, this cob, made by Slink, is full of hot air!
Day #9: This was my first collaboration with Clucky. They’re cold and you can throw them. circa 2002. This was the first year that CL/GWD didn’t do anything for Christmas, so I stepped in and made a fake account called Santa Paws. Other things were made, but this is the only surviving one i can think of. I made the sprites in Bryce.
Day #10: I put a spell on you. 1011110110111101

Submission #7 C2toDS Bulbous Grendels

A missed entry by CS and Jesseth! Was using the wrong copy of their submission! Eep! They look great, C2 Grendels in DS/C3. Their description:

A conversion project that moves up the original bulbous grendels from C2 to C3/Docking Station. Sprites are not simply ported, but altered to have consistent sprite sizes unlike the originals. Tilts, missing expressions, missing lifestages, and more were also added to make the conversion up-to-par with normal C3/DS breeds. Body data is equivalent to the default C3 Jungle Grendel, making it as compatible as official breeds.

Uses a customized version of the jungle grendel genome created by CosmicSynthetics by default, but comes with a few replacements such as the normal jungle genome and the banshee genome. The customized version is recommended for its alterations meant to make this breed behave more like an actual C2 Bulbous grendel. These behavioral changes include silencing of instincts that encourage them to attack norns while emphasizing that stricking other creatures is a form of entertainment, a calming effect brought on by the smell of Ettins, and a marked reduction in loneliness when around other grendels specifically. As fair warning, these grendels do NOT age when bred and seem to breed very readily in playtesting – just like fertile C2 grendels.

But wait! There’s More!

Now for the updates! SG has released a fancy new version of both Roomie and Spritist, so run over and get those if you haven’t. I used roomie to make the 2022 room!

Mea has been ever so busy and has started pumping out the stand alone agents as requested. I’m going to group them up into one zip for now, but when they get added to the archive proper, will be available individually. Work draws near and I’ve gotta get this post out.

One of the stand-alone versions

Also, Mea made some corrections to earlier versions, slightly changing the CA’s to make them more friendly. also contains the change to shift-click remove the mother shroom.

Lastly, my internet connection is still proving unstable, so I’m going to try to figure out a way to record it and upload to youtube, should that continue to be an issue, i’ll be making a future post with the entrants and the original plan, so y’all can play along.

This has been fantastic, I’m so glad to have been given the opportunity to bring all these fantastic submissions to you. I hope you all have enjoyed this as much as I have. As the old toast goes:

May we celebrate 100 years under a tree I plant tomorrow!

P.S. If I’ve forgotten anything, please DM me. I’ll make sure this gets updated.

EDIT #1: Added submission 7