Day #6: A Look Back

Day #6! Definitely going over by a bit, I got some late submissions so there will be a few more days. I could dump it all on the last day, but given my ISP issues, I think I’ll add a few days instead! (Do you think it’s like finding extra fries at the bottom of your takeout bag?) Lots of great stuff today! A focus on the older games. The entries today are for C1 and C2. However, The Easter Egg prize is for C3/DS and substantial this time around, although some of its features will remain hidden until after the release of other things.

Submission #1: Poisonous Puffballs

This is a C2 Entry. A modification to the puffballs to make them better aligned with their type. Allekha’s description:
The C2 puffballs are classified as a badplant, but in fact, they aren’t dangerous; creatures can’t interact with them at all. This COB makes three main changes to make them a little more interesting: puffballs are edible and poisonous (eating them gives belladonna and triptophan), pushing them is now possible and slightly painful as with several of the other badplants, and their spores remain classified as seeds and are now both edible and fine for creatures to eat (they contain a bit of starch and fat).

Submission #2: C1 Wingies Completion Pack

This is a C1 Entry. Trix decided to take on the remaining C1 breeds as wingies. Description:

An addition to the 2016 CCSF C1 Wingie Pack by Allekha. The four remaining official norn breeds can now flutter their wings as well. Santa Norns have bright white angels wings, Purple Mountain Norns look cute with their bright little elf wings. Forest Norns stay true to their origins by having purple dragonfly wings and the Ron Norns are reliving halloween with their cute little vampire bat wings. The pack includes all necessary files (altered body data, new sprite images) as well as the original body data and blank replacement files should you get bored of the wings. I’ve included the genetic files and 8 starter norns (baby stage, language learned). Sometimes I’ve found that the wingies glitch. They usually grow out of it. You can also try exporting and re-importing them. If all else fails it seems to work to keep the glitched creatures in the world, letting them grow and then to start over in a new world or import a new creature of the same breed in the existing world.

Trix also supplied some extra norns in case you run afoul of the above mention glitch. (If anyone has thoughts on it, please let me or her know!)

Submission #3: C1 Grendel Wingies

Trix’s second submission, rounding out the C1 Wingies team! Their description:
An attempt at revising all the official C1 breeds to give them wings wouldn’t be complete without tackling the grendels. I borrowed the wings from their distant cousins (the uglee from the C3 desert) and they mix well, if I do say so myself. They use a converted norn genome so they are pretty docile and will be able to breed if the world scripts allow it. Body Data for both original and updated grendels are available and 4 baby grendels have been added to the zip to get started.

Submission #4: An Eggsquisite Walk in the Park.

Today’s Entry is entirely made by Bedalton! Base code provided by Freyla!

Day #1: An old world converted to new, the build number is 2328.
Day #2: Affectionately known as “Trash Pandas” these norns were originally created by Sentinal and abandoned, only to be restored by Verm and myself.
Day #3: This official breed had two jolly iterations, a year apart. the one you’re looking for was made in a year ending in 7.
Day #4: This C1 agent was my first creation. the doll of a famous Italian plumber. It can also be found as an easter egg in C12DS.
Day #5: In my mirror universe these themed Ettins for C3/DS would have been a perfect submission for today!
Day #6: This C3/DS Metaroom has no known author and is primarily made in MS Paint. Manhattan has a very famous “Central” one of these.