CCSF 2023 Day 13: Bonus Day Incoming

Due to last minute submissions, we’re going to have a bonus round day-or-two. Stay tuned!

Submission #1 Bry Norns Remastered by CS and Jesseth

A wonderful remake/remaster of the Bry norns by Erling! Geat D slot. Awesome!

Grab them here.

Submission #2 Freyla’s Ecoport

This is the EcoPort! A remastering of several C2 plants and animals for C3’s ecosystem. I recommend that you inject this into a docked world.


  • Anemones
  • Borland
  • Chameleon
  • Doozer
  • Fireflies
  • Flytrap
  • Goldfish
  • Mushrooms
  • Snails
  • Triffids
  • Trumpet Plants
  • Zanderfish

Grab it here!

Submission #3 Amaikokonut’s Universal Wires

Universal Wires is a modification to the wire-connection script that allows you to, in essence, poke a hole into any agent that you want and feed an input wire into it. This will allow you to use connectable gadgets to activate agents that do not themselves have ports.

Grab it here!


1 Aquatic in nature, they wont stray from the ocean!
2 This C2 Breed features red flowers for a motif
3 With a bone to pick, your norns should be terrified
4 Mowhawks? How Retro!
5 These lovely ettins are slow to find gadgets.
6 Bumbling about? Perhaps this toy help. 1.1 is the version.
7 Make the world a better place with V 1.5.

8 Formerly from Happy Feet, this official fellow found a new place in Albia
9 Bring your norns some figgy pudding! Party like it’s 98.
10 Made for a 90s PC magazine. this cob pack contains a creepy garden gnome! Better get in the zone.
11 monika made this remover to fix an annoying collectathon.
12 This potion wasn’t good enough in Version 9. lets go to the next one.
13 EemFoo’s original C2 genetic breed. Edna and Iguanas had a baby.