CCSF 2023 Day 6: More’s The Merrier!

Almost half way done and it feels like we’ve just begun! If you’ve got any submissions, please fire them my way on discord, or to Freyla!

Submission #1 Verm’s Agent Pack!

Verm! You awesome person you! SO many cool agents. In their words:


It’s Gaia, but through the power of CRAG, she no longer uses up a breedslot and gets to keep her original voice without overriding female Gaius voices! She’ll inject where she always has been on the Ark when docked, and will injected outside the comms room if undocked.

Visual Indicators!
Ever wanted a way to know if your creatures were too cold or hot at a glance? Do your TWBs die of bloodloss and you couldn’t tell how long they’ve been hurt for? Wondered why gnarlers and other c3 critters poop and norns don’t? Visual Indicators has all of that, each with a separate agent. Blood will visually show when TWB and TCB creatures start to bleed out from wounds, and leave puddles where the blood fell for a lil bit. Hy-per&o-thermia will make creatures sweat when hot, and give them red cheeks when cold. When it’s really had the sweat will be more frequent and the red cheeks will turn blue (TWB and TCB only). In cold environments creatures will now have visible breath, and when TWB and TCB creatures have their skin burning off, that will be visible too! Stools is exactly how it sounds. When creatures release biological waste, it’ll now be placed into the world as detritus.


Nurse Bots are tiny mechanical beings that love to care for other creatures. In their little mechanical shells are entire creatures brains, so they need just as much attention. Use the dispenser included to start hatching some! Note they use a modified TWB genome as a base, that’s more resistant to extreme internal temperatures
Download it all here!

Submission #2 Mea’s Special Tomatoes!

Same in function to the day #1 release, but in fancy colors!

Grab the pack here!

Submission #3 Freyla’s Kellogg Switch

Freyla made a little nod to the cereal maker with this neat little agent “Kellog Switch.” She made this because the TWBs are very prolific breeders I wound up making something called a “Kellogg Switch” that temporarily reduces libido and sex hormones.

Download it here!

Submission #4 Civvi’s Phone Wallpaper!

This awesome illustration made for your phone! Totally Tubular! Three versions, without the norn, with the norn, and with the original art that inspired it!

Grab it here!

More fun today! Grab the day 4 adoptions!

1 Aquatic in nature, they wont stray from the ocean!
2 This C2 Breed features red flowers for a motif
3 With a bone to pick, your norns should be terrified
4 Mowhawks? How Retro!
5 These lovely ettins are slow to find gadgets.
6 Bumbling about? Perhaps this toy help. 1.1 is the version.