CCSF 2023 Day 12: There Are Dozens of Us!

12 days in with still a lot of content to go! Lots of fantastic things created this year, and I thank you all for your hard work and dedication.

Submission #1 Affordable Norns

These norns were made by EemFoo using Geneforge to celebrate the unfortunately lost C2 norn breed: Cheapnorns! (seen left)

Download them here!

Submission #2 Amaikokonut’s Static Gadgets and Toasty Test Rooms

Two awesome agents from Amaikokonut!

Toasty Test Rooms:

This is Yet Another Empty Test Room, but with a few twists. For one, it is heated, so it’s True-Warmblood friendly right out of the box. For another, you can inject multiple of them! It is also divided into rooms for proper CA flow and/or creating barriers with Magic Words Room Edits.

Grab it here

Static Gadgets

This set contains two things. First, it contains a collection of connectable machines from Creatures 3, conveniently available to inject in your undocked DS world, that are “pre-staticked,” meaning they are immune to physics and creatures cannot see or smell them. They still require C3 to be installed to function.

Secondly, it comes with an global ‘static gadgets’ mod that ensures that all connectable agents in your world are made static, including existing ones in your world and any others that you inject. Gadgets and machines without ports are left alone. There is an optional magic words command “Toggle Static Gadgets” if you want to turn it on and off at will.

Grab it here


Getting harder as we go. a special prize for today! I will release the answers on day 16. Day 15 will have bonus hints for the challenge question.

1 Aquatic in nature, they wont stray from the ocean!
2 This C2 Breed features red flowers for a motif
3 With a bone to pick, your norns should be terrified
4 Mowhawks? How Retro!
5 These lovely ettins are slow to find gadgets.
6 Bumbling about? Perhaps this toy help. 1.1 is the version.
7 Make the world a better place with V 1.5.

8 Formerly from Happy Feet, this official fellow found a new place in Albia
9 Bring your norns some figgy pudding! Party like it’s 98.
10 Made for a 90s PC magazine. this cob pack contains a creepy garden gnome! Better get in the zone.
11 monika made this remover to fix an annoying collectathon.
12 This potion wasn’t good enough in Version 9. lets go to the next one.