CCSF 2023 Day 11: Rock on!

Some great entries today. will be streaming creatures later this week, time TBA. Wolfing-ish run and Q&A. (hopefully people come ’round to ask questions!).

Submission #1: Bedalton’s & Eem’s Robo-san Robots

Fun toys for the Jungle Ruins or anywhere. Fun to smack about!

Grab them here!

Submission #2: EemFoo’s Geo Norns

Get ready to rock with these Geo norns! Included egg agent is chichi genetics! made with Geneforge.

Grab them here!

Submission #3: Mea’s Muck Carrots!

These carrots were made especially for detritus eating creatures. There are no extra toxins in these carrots, so they are safe for any non-toxic creature that eats detritus.
To control their growth and spread, the carrots only grow around their mother plant. The mother plant is the only one that produces seeds and can not be destroyed by creatures. This helps protect the carrots from being eaten to extinction, so your creature will always have a dependable food source. Mother plants can be placed with the included vendors. To remove the mother plant, just ctrl+shift+click on them. To make the mother plants easier to find, they are tinted a different random color than the radishes that grow around them.

Grab them here!


1 Aquatic in nature, they wont stray from the ocean!
2 This C2 Breed features red flowers for a motif
3 With a bone to pick, your norns should be terrified
4 Mowhawks? How Retro!
5 These lovely ettins are slow to find gadgets.
6 Bumbling about? Perhaps this toy help. 1.1 is the version.
7 Make the world a better place with V 1.5.

8 Formerly from Happy Feet, this official fellow found a new place in Albia
9 Bring your norns some figgy pudding! Party like it’s 98.
10 Made for a 90s PC magazine. this cob pack contains a creepy garden gnome! Better get in the zone.
11 monika made this remover to fix an annoying collectathon.