CCSF 2023 Day 15/16: Closing Ceremony

Well! all the best laid plans! Thank you all for having us this year. We’re glad to have brought you an awesome two week event! Here’s a long list of submissions wrapping. IF YOU HAVE ANYTHING I HAVENT POSTED PLEASE POKE ME

Submission #1 Mea’s Gemstone Carrots

These carrots are themed after the geo norns, made of gemstones, they’re super pretty. Comes in a bunch of colors!

Grab them here

Submission #2 Mea’s Carrot Replacement Sprites

These were made to swap to a more C2 look for the carrots!

Grab them here

Submission #3 Critter Consortium Celebrates with us!

This lovely image was contributed by Critter Consortium themselves!

Submission #4 Urskecs’ DS-to-C2 Pack

This port of the Tuba plant from DS to C2 is his first Creatures addon ever and had a surprising effect on his gameplay in C2. The COB injects a single seed at the position of the hand, and they will grow and spread anywhere to help creatures colonize uninhabitable corners of any world. They will spread wildly, but have the same spread/overcrowding rules as their DS relatives. Also includes a cool new title.bmp file!

grab it here!

Submission #5 Mea’s Mushrooms

Mmm Shroomy goodness. looks very pretty from C2!

grab them here

Submission #6 Day 13 Adoptions.

More adoptions! Wow what an amazing run so far this year!

Grab them all here

Submission #7 C2-to-DS Bony Grendel (Grendel C)

Made by Jesseth and CS, these lovely upconverts are cool as heck!

Grab it here!

Submission #8 Mea’s Radishes

Coming in a multitude of colors, these are great to eat!

Grab them all here.

Submission #9 Allekha’s Leucoanthos

The sprites and most of the scripts for this COB are already included in Creatures 2 – but for some reason, the plant itself didn’t make it in. This COB makes the flower seeds edible and will create a dispenser so you can start planting Leucoanthos flowers across Albia.

Grab them here!