Warp (Natsue)

Welcome to the 3rd party run website for the new warp for Creatures Docking Station!

What do you need?

Natsue requires a retail copy of Docking Station. either stand-alone or paired with Creatures 3. I highly suggest the steam version found here:

You will also need to download this cfg file and put it in the same directory as the main engine.exe for Docking station:

If you are using the steam version you will need to remove the login-disabler.cos file located in the ./Bootstrap/010 Docking Station Patches/ directory

Albian Warp Users Have A Few Extra Steps

Welcome to Natsue! You will need to do a few more changes in order to participate in the Natsue warp.

You will need to remove the bootstrap folder containing all of the Albian Warp cos files. The external program Albian Warp used is not required to run Natsue.

I’m Ready! Now What?

Awesome! You’ll need to create a new world! To register, the first time the Log-in Window shows up, you will be required to enter a name and password. This will be your login going forward. After you click the checkmark, you’re off to the races! You will have a friend on your list called !system This cool bot will help with various administrative tasks, like password changes and adding people to your friends list! You can also defrost a norn, or share one to the bot to be sent to others later!

What else do I need to know?

Currently, if you are locked out of an account, you will need to contact someone on the discord for the eemfoo archive:

By default NB norns and Geats are restricted from warping to your world, this is due to potentially unresolved client side bugs (depending on what version you are using). You can change these settings easily through !system.

How does this all work?

Glad you asked, Natsue runs on Java, a cool community member named 20kdc did all the awesome work! You can see the source code on their repository: