Day #8: Bonus Round #1

Hello everyone! Here we are on the first of two extra days! I’ve managed to re-arrange some things to also extend the egg hunt as well! (Today I also learned i can just copy and paste images from the clipboard into wordpress, instead of having to save them, upload them, and manually import them into the media library)

As a note, The Starjelly Vines by SG have been updated to fix an out of bounds error. I’ll be going back to update the link in the original post after publishing this page. The new version can be found here:

Submission #1: Medical Monitor and Norn Stats update!

SunlitMiracle has made a lovely update to a tried and true set of agents by Emmental! The two agents, Medical Monitor and Norn Statistics, really help you get into the nitty gritty. The description of the update provided:

These updates are intended to better track the many ailments that can afflict a Creature, as well as accommodate more playstyles that use fan-made content such as True Warmbloods and Nornbinary.

The readme goes into great detail, so make sure to check it out. Also contains suggestions for other things to improve it! Great work!

Submission #2: Rocket Ship Plushies!

A stand-alone (not Garden Box) agent by Mea! Cute little ships to chase after UFOs! Mea’s description:

The Rocketship toybox is full of colorful & noisy rocket shaped gadgets for your creatures to play with. Hopefully it will help distract them from any gadgets and machines that you want to protect. The toybox is a smart vendor, but if you still end up with too many toys, then you can remove the extra toys by holding ctrl + shift and clicking on the toys you want to remove.

Submission #3: Astro Pear Revamp!

CS has done a wonderful job updating and revamping this lovely old agent originally from Mkid112. Their description:

This smart vendor dispenses tasty astro pears (fruit) for your creatures to eat. All missing scripts have been placed, additional functionality has been added, bugs have been patched, and the art has been redone.

Submission #4: Eggscrutiating Puns

Today’s agent is done by Freyla! Thank you!

Day #1: An old world converted to new, the build number is 2328.
Day #2: Affectionately known as “Trash Pandas” these norns were originally created by Sentinal and abandoned, only to be restored by Verm and myself.
Day #3: This official breed had two jolly iterations, a year apart. the one you’re looking for was made in a year ending in 7.
Day #4: This C1 agent was my first creation. the doll of a famous Italian plumber. It can also be found as an easter egg in C12DS.
Day #5: In my mirror universe these themed Ettins for C3/DS would have been a perfect submission for today!
Day #6: This C3/DS Metaroom has no known author and is primarily made in MS Paint. Manhattan has a very famous “Central” one of these.
Day #7: This agent is required for many of Mea’s submissions. 1.0 should do the trick.
Day#8: This object is one of the last things Steve Grand still has of his time working on C1. While never released officially, this cob, made by Slink, is full of hot air!