You’ve made your cool breed with GeneForge and now it’s time to compile it! It’s easy and quick with Bedalton’s newest tool!

With a few simple steps you’re ready to go!

  1. Select your base GeneForge folder
  2. Give the Breed a name!
  3. Pick the genetic base of your choice (supplied or your own!)
  4. Compile and in seconds you’re done!

While designed with GeneForge in mind, EggForge can work with any output in a similar folder structure!

Grab it here:

Windows | Mac | Linux

Change Log:

Fix Compilation Verification window listing non-missing files as missing

Adds auto-updater
Compilation Verification window

Corrected issue with non C:\ Drive Installs on Windows
Corrected issue with missing letter on Muco glpyhs
Added version indicator and log button

Initial Release