CCSF 2023 Day 1: It’s Happening!

Hello Everyone!

It’s that time of year again, the community rallying, creating and celebrating the game series we all love!

This year’s CCSF is themed on and dedicated to the 25th anniversary of C2! All the hunt questions this year have a C2 related answer, so keep that in mind!

Today has two releases, one for the hunt, and one for everyone. We’re starting off with a very iconic c2 entry, C2 Quick tomatoes! as done by Mea! In their own words:

“Inspired by the C2 tomato, this one is designed to work with a mother plant, which lets it grow faster and keeps it from both extinction and spreading beyond control. Removing the mother plant will keep the tomato patch from respawning and once the remaining tomatoes are eaten, the patch will be gone.”

Grab them here!

Today’s hunt prize was coded by myself and sprited by SG, based on their neat GameBoy game, Piropa!
(due to a small bug, you’ll be looking for an egg in the listing today. new sprites will be added for future days)

Today’s Question:
1 Aquatic in nature, these norns wont stray from the ocean!