C1 World List

Below is the most complete list of C1 worlds known

This is a work in progress. If you see any errors please contact us on the discord!

AmberCityDonLost. Never released?
The Albian Museum of Natural History and ScienceMonikaDownload
Albia's MoonSpirit?Lost
Albia PrimeMuppetboy
Albia SquaredGirlySatanWork in progress but useable. Very colorful!
ArboriumAnthony EdwardsHas many plants that use third-party class numbersDownload
ArcadiaMuppetboyWork in progress, no download yet
Baby WorldMuppetboyOnly difference is that norns of any age can breed
Custom WorldJessicaHas Jessica's updated food and friendly grendels
Eco DiskDarcieMany of the COBs are third-party and don't have sprites included in the download.Download
EuropiaUnknownNo sprite files provided...
Gen 1 PlanetLadyNornSprites for COBs are not provided so most likely will not load. Comes with Norns, I'm not sure about those either
Grendel WorldslinkOnly difference is that grendels are allowed to breedDownload
GronenUnknownNothing is known about this apart from its mention on Muppetboy's list
HavenWorldSpiritSplit into three layersDownload
Mostly Harmless WorldsBastianOnly danger is disease. Has 12 norn, 24 norn, and 48 norn variants
NeoMuppetboyMany things have been added or moved around
Premium WorldBastianAllows up to 48 creatures and has many added objectsDownload
Starter WorldsslinkCompletely empty worlds designed for editing. Three different worlds, each with a different version of the mating script (original, free mating, pain on wrong mating)
Terra Nornia/The Burrowsslink, Lis MorrisFirst third-party C1 world. Lemons, carrots, and cheese are split into separate categoriesDownload
Wolfling WorldsBastianExtra food sources for wolfling runs. Has 12 norn, 24 norn, and 48 norn variants
XandraKettBased on Terra Nornia and requires that world to be installed firstDownload
Zeruko/NualbiaMuppetboysomething makes it crash, don't know what yet