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::----- Readme.txt -----::
Created By Verm

Put .agent files in your My Agents directory, .c16 files in your images directory, and .cos files in your Bootstrap/010 Docking Station

Activate 1 and Activate 2 Seperation:

	You may not know, but when a norn pushes or pulls another, they both use the exact same script. So creatures cannot tickle one another. For some reason when the creature's species is not the same as another, both won't feel anything and the creatures doing the action will feel disappointment. This script changes both of these things, all creatures can now tickle and kiss one another, with kisses being the only one that can lead to a kisspop. When interacting with diffrent species, a tickle or kiss will always be considered same-sex, unless you use the crossbreeding version, in which only the sex, age, and sex drive of the creatures matter for determining if they can breed. Forced Likes have been removed, aswell as new animations for kissing and tickling.

Bacteria Revamp-Dish:

	Bacteria by themselves can be quite pesky to your norns, since they're always a bad thing and norns can't do much to get rid of them.
What this override does is change the way bacteria spawn in and the conditions that make it easier for them to reproduce without creatures.
They'll now spawn in at creatures, or in the Muco if there are none. Having a warm temperature, some water, low light, and high nutrients makes bacteria more likely to reproduce. Also they have personal sprites and colors, if you can see them.
UPDATE: Some extra options are now availible in the cos file !Bacteria_Revampdish_Variables, with some inspired by Arnout's Bacteria Nerf!

Bacteria Options:

	Allows you to change the settings of Bacteria Revamp-Dish Bacteria. Normally bacteria start out as harmful, but you can make them helpful, a mix, or harmless.
You can even make them visable with the click of a button. Finally, there is a small button that allows you to "reset" the bacteria, killing it all and respawning it with the current settings, useful if you changed something. You can also change the Minimum and Maximum amount of bacteria allowed in the world.

Bacteria Checker:

	Shows you how good the conditions of a room are for Bacteria Revamp-Dish. Every + means the condition is met for bacteria. A small tag will print with the room's "score" which is on a scale of 1-5, with 5 being the best for bacteria, and 1 being the worst.

Detritus Smell:

	Uses flower smell to make detritus smell. Good for toxics. Comes with an auto recovery. I wouldn't reccomend using it with flower smell.

Sensorimotor Lobe & Input:
	Adds a new set of inputs to mess with, using the new sensorimotor lobe found in the example norn genome. The lobe will have a signal of 1.0 when the condition is true and 0.0 when it is false. See the Neurons in the Neurons readme.

Peripheral Lobe & Input
	Adds another new set of inputs to mess with, using the new peripheral lobe found in the same example norn genome. This lobe will have a varying signal depending on how close the closest creature activating it is. See the Neurons in the Neurons readme.
	Requires the Blankpixel.c16 Sprite to work.

Tiny Auto-vendors:

	Produces 4 small autovendors into your inventory. By shift+clicking you can make more, and by ctrl+clicking you can get rid of them. They'll always make sure 5 of their food item is around before dispensing more.

::----- Neurons.txt -----::
---Sensorimotor Lobe---
=Season detection=
0:It is spring
1:It is summer
2:It is fall
3:It is winter

=Time of Day detection=
4:It is dawn
5:It is morning
6:It is the afternoon
7:It is the evening
8:It is night

=Similar to the one already in the detail lobe, but if any of the monikers are ""(like in first gens), they can't be counted as siblings=
9:It is my sibling

=Expression Detection=
10:I am neutral
11:I am happy
12:I am pained
13:I am angry
14:I am scared
15:I am tired

=Other Creature Expression Detection=
16:It is neutral
17:It is happy
18:It is pained 
19:It is angry
20:It is scared
21:It is tired

=This is here for the fun of it=
22:It is the selected creature

=Other Creature Age Detection=
23:It is my age
24:It is a baby
25:It is a child

Agent Contents

Bacteria Conditions Checker

Checks the room for bacteria viability. Created by Verm

Bacteria Options

Allows you to set the settings for bacteria or restart the world's bacteria by pressing the reset button. Created by Verm

Tiny Auto-vendors

Creates 4 Tiny Auto-vendors with specific foods. You can create more by Shift clicking or get rid of them by Ctrl clicking. You cannot get rid of the last one in the world. Created by Verm


Detritus Smell

Uses flower smell for detritus. Good for toxics, and comes with an autorecovery. Created by Verm

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