Scurvy-Fighting Lemon Pod

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::----- Scurvy Fighting Lemon Pod.txt -----::
*                                                  *
*         Scurvy Fighting DS Lemon Pod             *
*                                                  *

This cos file adds a small amount of Vitamin C (chemical 99) to the lemons from the DS lemon pod, permitting your creatures to fight off disease faster, and hopefully circumnavigate the Meniscus Sea without all their teeth falling out. 
Each bite of a lemon is 1/7th as strong as a C3 Vitamin C potion. 

To use, rename your original lemon pod.cos to lemon pod.txt, and place the new file into the bootstrap folder.
Start a new world, or type the following into the CAOS Command Line:
ject "lemon pod.cos" 7
The lemon pod will vanish and then reappear, and the lemons from it will have scurvy fighting properties!

For more information about the role of Vitamin C in your Creature's immune system, see:

December 2011