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Haven World v1 by Spirit for Creatures 1, vendor, food and toy agent

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::----- Hreadme.txt -----::
HavenWorld v.1.00

HavenWorld is a new world for Creatures 1.


Place the .spr files into your creatures/images directory and the .wav files into your creatures/sounds 

Then place the Haven.sfc into your regular creatures directory and if you use a cheat or BORG to open multiple worlds you can just open this one the same way.

 If not,then open your file manager and go to your creatures directory and rename your regular world to something else,like "worldold.sfc",or whatever you want,then rename the haven.sfc to world.sfc and you're all set.:)

HavenWorld has three distinct levels;

NightWorld,the topmost level,where perpetual nighttime rules.This is the place of wild things,no gardens,but  wild berries and such for the wild roaming creatures to root out and feed on.

DayWorld,the middle level,where a norn lands when imported,it's always cheerful and sunny,with gardens,a pond,cherry trees always in bloom and fruit,a main house,complete with a nursery,kitchen,living room and even a patio out back.

The mysterious TunnelWorld,an ancient tunnel built by person or persons unknown,who knows what dwells down there....;)

HavenWorld v.1.00

 This is a world for those who are really into the personalizing aspect of Creatures
and go for the idea of customizing their own world but lack the time and knowledge of building their own world.sfc from scratch.

It's designed for everyone,from the experienced cob developer who needs the room and free space to test and develop cobs to the impassioned new person wanting more room and less distractions for their norns,to anyone that just likes to collect cobs from the 'net and customize things to suit their tastes.

It's also a good world for those who have crashing problems in C1,the lack of hidden cob scripts or background sound effects lessens the likelihood of a crash because of script or sound card clashes and such,this world has never crashed on me.

Havenworld contains as few of it's own cobs as possible,to leave as much extra room in the worlds scriptorium as possible,allowing for users to decide what they like and what they don't within their own world.
 Another benefit to leaving out cobs and heavy scenery is that the world.sfc file is extremely small and light on the system resources,so you can play C1 and C2 at the same time if you want.(I do:)

 Scenery cobs and such will be available especially for this world,such as bushes,trees,huts,plants and such to give users the ability to really customize things to their liking,and most any cob on the 'net that doesn't require sitting in one actual X Y plane in another world will work just fine here.A good rule of thumb is that if it lands in the hand when injected or can be picked up,it'll work fine in HavenWorld.

Features of HavenWorld v1.00

1)Three levels the full legnth of the world,one part level making up the second story of the house.


::----- PNREADME_UP!.txt -----::
C1 Norn Picnic

To install:

Place  .COB  and .RCB files into your /Creatures directory.

If included :

Place  .spr files into your /Creatures/Images directory.
Place  .WAV files   into your /Creatures/Sounds directory.

This cob has been fully tested,if a problem arises then it's most likely due to one of two things;

1) There is already a cob of the same class numbers in the world already.

If this is the case,you will either have to forget about using this cob or remove the cobs you have already injected in your world one by one,until this cob can be injected successfully.
 You can also use Bobcob to open any cob file and take a peek at their class numbers and find the other parties cob that has the same class number that way.

2) The sprites didn't land in the correct directory,which is the /images directory of your creatures directory.
To fix this,just go into your file manager,like Explorer for Win95/98 and look into your c:/creatures/images directory and see if there's another folder in there called "images" as well.If so,then open it up and move all of the .s16 files inside of it to your regular images directory,that should fix the problem.

You are free to distribute this cob  provided 
that this text file is included with each of the cobs and proper credit is given on the page.

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Norn Picnic