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Toxic Replacements by TwilightCat for Docking Station, is an agent pack with vendor, food, seed and fruit agents

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::----- Read-me.txt -----::
Slight edits to a few cos files will help any toxic breeder! All you do is remove these agents and then inject them to make the carrots, tubas, empathic vendors, and the lemons toxic. 
Original code and all sprites by CL

::----- twilightagents-copyright_de.txt -----::
***TwilightCat's Agents***

made by TwilightCat/Twilight
Hosted @ Creatures Unlimited

Der vorliegende Agent (oder Agent Pack) unterlieg dem Copyright von TwilightCat
und darf ohne Rückfrage bei TwilightCat nicht auf anderen Seiten gehostet und zum Download angeboten werden.

Juni 2004
Mairenn/Creatures Unlimited
Creatures Unlimited & Creatures Community Centre
(Kathira, Mairenn, Phil)

Agent Contents

Toxic Empathic Vendor

Replaces the empathic vendor with a toxic one. The vended items now give some carbon monoxide, ATP decoupler, or glycotoxin when eaten. To use first click the remove button to remove the original vendor and then inject this one.


Toxic Lemon Pod

Lemons are the bane of all toxic norns but with this they no longer need to fear those yellow fruits. Remove this first to get rid of the old lemons then inject. Instead of antibodies these lemons have antigens.


Toxic Tuba

These tubas have been around radiation for too long, they now contain traces of heavy metals. First remove this agent and then inject for it to work.


Toxic Carrot Pod

Replaces the regular carrot pod (and carrots) with toxic ones. These give some cyanide when eaten. To use first click the remove button to remove the original carrot pod and then inject this one. If you do not remove the scripts might not be altered and the carrots might not be toxic!