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Santa Grendel (Bean) by Bean for Creatures 1, contains a new sprite breed, and a baby male grendel export

Text File Composite

::----- Santa Grendel Read Me.txt -----::
Thanks for Downloading Santa Grendel from ALB-Labs!

Santa Grendels are jolly old elfs, with hats on their head (With a spot
for their mohawk to show through), Boots, Mittens, and a little
christmas ball on their tails. (They got carried away helping the norns 
decorate the tree.)

To install the Santa Grendel:

Copy all the .att files to the Body Data folder in your Creatures

Copy all the .spr files to the Images folder in your Creatures

Start up Creatures and import Santa.exe, and you can have a jolly little

(Fun thing to do: See what happens when Santa Grendel meets Santa Norn.
Are they still all that jolly?)

***** made these Grendels. Not anyone else!

Breed Contents

Breed Slot - Grendel: '2'
	- MALE: [Child]

Creature Contents

Name: Santa
Genus: Grendel
Gender: Male

Breed Images

e44d - Breed C1G2
e44d - Breed C1G2
Breed C1G2 preview
Breed C1G2 preview