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Plague Ettin by Snapdragon for Docking Station, contains a new sprite breed, and 2 adult ettin exports

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::----- Plague-hints.txt -----::


Plague Ettins require slightly different care to normal Ettins. The most noticeable
difference in their physiology is a requirement of histamines in order to function 
properly. Histamines are chemicals usually found in creatures due to poisoning and
infection, and they cause internal damage and sneezing and coughing. In Plague
Ettins, these toxins are necessary metabolic catalysts in the digestion of starch
and protein. A Plague Ettin won't die instantly if it is deprived of histamines, but
it will starve to death over time. The following FAQ style list may be of use in
their care:

Q. Will Plague Ettins make my other creatures ill?
A. Not if the Ettins have never been exposed to bacteria. They aren't born with bacteria
already attached, although they do have an initial histamine and antigen concentration 
which they can replenish providing they don't eat anything healthy! But this isn't a 
natural state for a Plague Ettin to be in, so the best thing is to keep them away from 
your other creatures.

Q. Some of the food in Docking Station has medicinal properties. Can it harm Plague 
A. Yes. If the Ettin isn't carrying bacteria, antibodies and antihistamines can do it
a lot of damage. If your Ettin is well and truly filthy, the bacteria should release 
fresh histamines and antigens into their systems, so they won't really be a problem
unless eaten in large quantities, although they can give your Ettins a bit of a sore 

Q. So how do I ensure my Plague Ettins are nice and unhealthy?
A. Make sure they are kept somewhere there is plenty of bacteria! They'll tend to make 
for the jungle by instinct, but you can give them a quick pick-me-up by encouraging them
to eat detritus or manky, although this is no real substitute to being infected!

Q. Can I keep Plague Ettins with Toxic Norns?
A. I don't have Toxic Norns, but I downloaded and imported one to see. So far they seem
to get on quite well, so I would say yes. The only other currently available creature 
with an immune system strong enough to cope is Lis Morris's Gaia.

Q. Can I splice or breed them with normal Ettins?

::----- Plague-Ettin-readme.txt -----::

Note: If you have DS but not C3 and want to keep Ettins (of any sort!) then you will need
to get hold of some third-party ettin sounds. There are several available; try searching
on the internet for 'ettin voices'.

Plague Ettins are dependent on histamines for survival. Please read the hints file for more
detailed information on their care!

To install:
unzip all the files.
Put the .att files in the 'body data' folder, the .s16 files in the 'images' folder, and
the agents in the folder called 'my agents'.

When you start the game, the Plague Ettin breed should appear on your egg layer. A few
German users have reported having problems with the egg agents. If you can't get it to 
work, two exported Plague Ettins are included -- these ones have a slightly green tint.


Breed Contents

Breed Slot - Ettin: 'c'
	- MALE: [Child, Adolescent, Adult]
	- FEMALE: [Child, Adolescent, Adult]

Creature Contents

Name: Lazarus
Genus: Ettin
Gender: Female


Name: Bilharzia
Genus: Ettin
Gender: Male

Breed Images

Breed C3EC preview
Breed C3EC preview
Breed C3EC preview
Breed C3EC preview
d271 - Breed C3EC.png
d271 - Breed C3EC.png

Other Images

Creature - Lazarus
Creature - Lazarus
Creature - Bilharzia
Creature - Bilharzia