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Released during CCSF 2006, these are additional toys for The Burrows, the Terra Nornia conversion by Clohse.

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::----- ReadMe.txt -----::
This toy pack includes some of the toys included in Terra Nornia. Place the agent file into your MY AGENTS folder and the ToyPack agent should show up on the agent injector. Due to some problems during compiling, there will be no text on the object injector describing the object.

If you have any other problems with this agent, please contact me at *****@yahoo.com

My eternal thanks to Liam for the help and encouragement, and to Embri, who did a WONDERFUL job prepping the Elmo sprites. (The original Elmo sprites had some stray pixels and jagged edges that didn't look as good as they did in the original game.) I converted all other images from the originals.

July 2006

Agent Contents


This toy pack contains several toys from Terra Nornia.