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Gaius Pack v2.0 by Ghosthande for Docking Station, is an agent and breed pack with fruit, food, plant, pest, toy and critter agents

Text File Composite

::----- READ ME FIRST.txt -----::
The most ancient annals of Shee history tell of the mad scientist Sir Lormis, a deviant Shee whose passions for gadgetry and gengineering were unmatched in his time. Strange were the joinings of these fields under his watchful, calculating eyes, until the very end, when he mysteriously vanished--no one quite knows where, although there are peculiar stories relating to the small scroll-marked stones investigating parties found in and around his home, and the faint musty smell that lingered in the basement.

Now the lost experiments of Sir Lormis have been recovered, including Gaius, the ancient prototype of the later GAIA, and certain other quasimechanical organisms.

	Last updated Nov. 2011
       Minor updates:
* Files for female Geat voices are now included in the zip.

* Holo-wings will now only breed in the presence of solar flowers. This will prevent them
  from breeding out of control and taking over the world.

* Spigot plants now have a longer lifespan.

       New stuff:
* A reed-like plant called the Tumbleslink, which doubles as a toy and food source.

* The chyme plant, another food source with colorful bell-like flowers. The flowers are
  actually fruit and are edible for a variety of Creatures.

* Whirly, a mechanical hummingbird. Whirly is attracted to chyme plants much as holo-wings
  are attracted to solar flowers.

	What to do with the files:
The agent files, naturally, go into the Docking Station\My Agents folder.

All of the .wav files located in the 'voices' folder go in the Docking Station\Sounds folder. These are the voice files for the male Gaius.

The 'femvoices' folder contains voice files for your female Gaius (Gaiette?). If you do not have GAIA, these files are required. Place them in the Docking Station\Sounds folder. If you do have GAIA then the female voice files are merely optional; they will overwrite the voice files GAIA uses, so it is up to you which set you use.

The file 'elaf.wav' is the sound file that is played when an Ettin laughs. Because Gaius laughs in an Ettin-like voice, you will need to place this file in your Docking Station\Sounds folder if you do not have Creatures 3.

The "gaia.catalogue" file goes in the Docking Station\Catalogue folder. This .catalogue adds important information required for your game to handle Geats. If you have GAIA installed in your game, there should already be a file with that name located in the folder. The version packaged with Gaius is fully compatible with GAIA and it is recommended that you replace GAIA's version with this one (regardless of which female voice files you use) before you hatch Gaius.

	Taking care of Gaius:
Gaius is like a smaller version of GAIA, one that was made with the deliberate intention of providing a resource for players who wish to create stable Geat hybrids. Because he is only a prototype, he lacks some of the features of his "big sister". He is not especially long-lived, and his immune system is not significantly stronger or weaker than your average Norn.

His appetite is intermediate between that of GAIA and regular creatures: although he can and will eat Norn staples such as cheese, apples and carrots, he also derives nutrients from small spare parts and loose nuts and bolts, and is actually more efficient at processing these metal components. Note, however, that he will only eat certain specific scraps, and gadgets or other objects that might fall prey to a hungry GAIA are in no danger from Gaius. Heavy Metal Poisoning is of no concern to him--in fact heavy metals can even speed the healing process if he is injured. Likewise, because of his special biochemistry you may find that he develops a craving for detritus if injured. This behavior should be encouraged.


Agent Contents

Spigot Plant

This strange plant leaches trace amounts of water out of the ship's hull, collecting droplets in its hood to be rained down on the decking. The seeds are highly nutritious for Gaius.


Toy Rocket

A funny toy rocket. It doesn't fly quite straight.



A mechanical hummingbird. Whirly is attracted to chyme plants much as holo-wings are attracted to solar flowers.


Chyme Plant

Another food source with colorful bell-like flowers. The flowers are actually fruit and are edible for a variety of Creatures.


Gaius - Egg Agent


One of Sir Lormis's early experiments, the hovering holo-wing butterfly comes in a variety of colors and is attracted to Solar Flowers.


Solar Flower

A pretty mechanical flower. A cluster of these will attract Holo-wings. The seeds are also edible, although Gaius is the only creature likely to find them appetizing.



A reed-like plant that doubles as a toy and food source.


Breed Contents

Breed Slot - Geat: 'h'
	- MALE: [Child]
	- FEMALE: [Child]

Breed Images

Breed C3SH preview
Breed C3SH preview
9268 - Breed C3SH.png
9268 - Breed C3SH.png