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The Xmas Room is a small Christmas-themed metaroom by DementChild. For a long time this room was considered unusable, as the only available version did not include the room background. This version has a background.

It overlaps with the Deep Abyss.

Included agents:

- 3 different coloured stockings, containing:

-- A snowglobe

-- A miniature version of the Creatures Adventures spinning top

-- A small smiley bouncy ball using the same scripts as the Creatures 3 yellow and blue swirly bouncy ball

- 3 different looking presents, containing:

-- A toy Dalek

-- A toy Furby

-- A toy sports car

-- Some blocks based on the Creatures 3 light boxes

- 3 different food vendors:

-- A turkey vendor

-- A mince pie vendor

-- A pudding vendor

The package also includes a Teleporter to get to the metaroom.

Text File Composite

::----- ReadMe (Secret surprise at the end!).txt -----::
X       X         MM   MM      A         SSSSSS
 X     X          M M M M     A A       S
  X   X           M  M  M    A   A     S
   XXX     -----  M  M  M   AAAAAAA     SSSSSS
  X   X           M     M   A     A           S
 X     X          M     M   A     A            S
X       X         M     M   A     A     SSSSSSS

Right, easy install:
1) Put the .exe into your 'Docking Station' folder
2) Open the .exe
3) Wait a few seconds/minutes
4) Run the game
5) Inject the room
6) Do I really need a step here?

The secret surprise is... a... uh... um... you see the thing about that is... i... was...

(C) DementChild 2005 X    X