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  • Docking Station
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c3 in ds - norn for Docking Station, metaroom, and teleporter, pest and critter agents

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::----- readme.txt -----::
C3 in DS: Norn Terrarium (1.0)

After unzipping the agents into the "My Agents" folder and starting DS
you will have two more agents listed in your injector.

One is "Norn Terrarium" and the other is "Norn Terrarium (Remove)".  I
hope it's pretty obvious what these do :)

Before you inject anything just check the following list:
- Do not attempt to inject this into a standalone C3 world
- Do not attempt to inject this into a docked C3/DS world
- Do not attempt to inject this if C3 is not installed

Basically, this is for undocked DS worlds only, but you must have C3

The room takes a couple of seconds to inject and once it has you will
be taken to the new meta-room.  You will also notice a pair of
teleporters that link between the terrarium and the Docking Station.
These can be moved to anywhere you want.  The existing doorways and
Ettin accessways are no longer operational.

To remove the meta-room you actually inject the (Remove) agent.  Using
the injector's remove button on the installer agent will have no

When you remove the meta-room any creatures and eggs in the meta-room
are teleported to the heat pan in the DS meso.  You will lose your
favourite place icons but can re-visit the rooms again to put them
back.  This is done simply because it's the tidiest way to remove the
new favourire place icon.  Again, removal takes a couple of seconds.

General notes
It's probably a good idea to save the world before injecting or
removing the meta-room by pressing CTRL+R.  Then if anything does go

Agent Contents

Norn Terrarium

This agent re-creates the Norn Terrarium in undocked DS worlds.


Norn Terrarium (Remove)

This removes the Norn Terrarium from an undocked DS world.