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c3 in ds - crypt by Data and Emmental for Docking Station, metaroom, and agents

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::----- readme.txt -----::
C3 in DS: The Crypt (1.0)

After unzipping the agents into the "My Agents" folder and starting DS
you will have two more agents listed in your injector.

One is "The Crypt" and the other is "The Crypt (Remove)".  I hope
it's pretty obvious what these do :)

Before you inject anything just check the following list:
- Do not attempt to inject this into a standalone C3 world
- Do not attempt to inject this into a docked C3/DS world
- Do not attempt to inject this if C3 is not installed

Basically, this is for undocked DS worlds only, but you must have C3

Once the agent has injected you will be taken to the new meta-room.

There is no statue in the Norn Terrarium (if installed) but instead
a small headstone in the Norn Meso on the bottom level near the
Commedia pod.  A favourtite place icon is also created, but you may
have to use the headstone by clicking on it if you remove one of the
other C3-in-DS meta-rooms, as this will remove all the favourite place

Known problems
If the meta-room is injected into a new world or a world that has seen
no deaths, then you should open the tombstone viewer part of the crypt
(the right button) before the recent deaths part (the left button).

If you attempt to use the left button first then the crypt viewer will
be destroyed due to an error.

Don't worry if this happens - the meta-room will re-create it after a
few seconds.  Once you have clicked the right button you can use the
viewer as normal from then on.


Agent Contents

The Crypt

This agent re-creates the Crypt in undocked DS worlds.

The Crypt (Remove)

This removes the Crypt from an undocked DS world.