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Stops creatures being physically trapped inside elevators when not in motion.

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::----- C1ElevatorFix_ReadMe.txt -----::
|C1 Elevator Fix
|By Moogie

In busy worlds, it's possible that Norns will become trapped inside elevators, where several Norns have been pressing the buttons at once and confused the scripts.
This cob simply inserts a 'dump occupants' command into the Timer script for all elevators, which activates only when the elevator is not moving. That way, if an elevator is sitting at a floor, but still carrying someone, it will release them after a few seconds.

This package contains both installation and remover scripts. Use the Injector Kit and select 'Elevator Fix', then click the 'add' button to apply it to your world.
To revert the elevators back to their original state, either use the 'remove' button, or if your Injector Kit doesn't have that, you can manually type the filename (ElevatorFix.rcb) to select it, then click 'add'.

This is not known to cause any problems. However, I am just one pair of eyes. If you encounter any problems using this cob, please get in touch!


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