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Made for the CCSF 2016 by KittyTikara! The description is as follows:
KittyTikarawrote:The Dragon Autonamer combines my two favorite game series, Creatures and the Elder Scrolls. It generates names similar to the official dragon names from Skyrim, like Paarthurnax. This autonamer generates a few different types of names, like a name with two dragon words like Odkodaav (Snow Bear) or a name with a specific middle, like Keizaallosbrit (Skyrim is Beautiful). So now your norns can have their own hard to spell dragon names!

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::----- Dragon Autonamer Readme.txt -----::
Creatures 1's 20th anniversary was a few weeks ago and it just so happened to be Skyrim's 5th anniversary as well. Being a huge fan of both, I naturally found a way to combine the two of them in an autonamer. Unfortunately, I got sick and couldn't finish it before the anniversary came and went. I did finish it in time for the CCSF though!

It's built off of Amaikokonut's Protective Tub autonamer and includes the ui fix from that agent. Like the Protective Tub, this autonamer also randomly generates a name. It chooses from a number of official dragon shouts and constructs a name from those. There's a slight twist though, there are a few different forms you could get like a two word name like Odkodaav (Snow Bear), a three word name like Golzrannrein (Stone Animal Roar), or a name like Keizaallosbrit (Skyrim is Beautiful). If you want to try and translate the names yourself, the catalogue has the meanings to all of the words. Thuum.org also has a translator.

Amaikokonut for the original Protective Tub and most of the coding

Other Info:
If there's a bug either send an email to *****@yahoo.com or pm KittyTikara on Creatures Caves or Discover Albia Forum and I'll fix it. If the CCSF site and Creatures Caves go down, feel free to reupload this pack as long as the readme is included. And feel free to rip this agent open and see how it works. If you decide to make your own version off of this one, I ask that you credit Amai instead of me and link to the original protective tub.

Agent Contents

Dragon Autonamer

Gives your creatures dragon names from Skyrim. Also updates the UI to allow for longer names.