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Silence-Falls for Docking Station, metaroom, and plant, seed, food and fruit agent

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::----- Silence Falls Readme.txt -----::
SILENCE FALLS of Grendel Man and Mea*

Silence Falls was one of those ideas that I've had for a while, starting when I first made the Waterfall Grendels V1. However, it was also one of those ideas that I had no capability of bringing to life thanks to my lack of spriting ability. So while I hung on to it, I shoved it into the backburner and focused on more realistic ideas.

When I noted that Gardenia was not working out for my Waterfall Grendel Wolfling Run, Mea offered to make me a custom metaroom background for my purposes. Suffice to say, the offer was completely unexpected. I decided to take her up on that offer. Remembering my old concept for a waterfall metaroom, I made a rough sketch of it in Microsoft Paint/GIMP and sent it to her. After some hard work on both sides (*Mea even had to get help from her fiance since her computer couldn't handle the rendering of the background), it became the metaroom known as Silence Falls. 

Silence Falls is a small-ish area with two levels for the Waterfall Grendels to call home. The center of the area is a large waterfall that gives the area its name as well as providing it with moisture and nutrients. It is home to two species of mushrooms, but not much beyond that - it's a bit like the Biodome in that it's quite receptive to customization of ecology. 

The metaroom works with:
*Creatures 3 standalone
*Docking Station standalone
*Both games docked

Installation: Put the .agents file in your "Creatures 3/My Agents" or "Docking Station/My Agents" folder, and you should be able to inject Silence Falls with the Creator or Agent Injector. 

Please do not host this on your own website unless My Little Hole goes down and you cannot contact Mea or I. 

Questions? Comments? E-mail:
***** (Grendel Man)
***** (mea)

Agent Contents

Silence Falls

The native home of the Waterfall Grendels.