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Akamai Canny, monotremes. Babies rely on their mother to survive. To take care of orphaned babies, try the Infinite Milk Bottle. Emerald Norn

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::----- kais.rtf -----::
T h e  K a i  N o r n s  
   The shee didn't always agree on the best way to do things. In fact, they could hardly ever agree on anything. Great arguments would echo around the laboratories: Should ettins be made capable of advanced mathematics? Should grendels be dealt with with car e and compassion, or a flame-thrower? Should norns nurture their own children? 
 The answers to the first two questions were obvious (to the shee, at least), but the third caused great debate. Some wanted babies independent of their parents that they could nurture and raise themselves, while others wanted to see parents raising their  young. In the end, there was a vote. The 'independence' argument won by a narrow margin, and future norns did not look after their young. Not everyone accepted this judgement, though. One young shee, just learning genetic engineering, decided that   her  norns  would not be like all the others. She worked long and hard, and made norns that cared for their young, even feeding them with mother's milk. Her lab was only small- more a cupboard, really- so she had to make them impervious to crowding. And so the noisy , affectionate Kai norns were born.  
 Included in this zip file:	 kais.rtf	 	 	 : This document 
    allchemicals.str	 : Chemical list for the technically minded. 
    	 	 	 	 kais.exe	 	 : Breed file. 
 Installing the Kai norns is simplicity itself. Simply unzip kai s.exe into any folder on your hard drive, and double click on it to run the setup program. This will install all necessary files and the baby's milk cob for feeding your babies. The .exp files of two Children kai norns, Nadia and Nikaido,  will be placed into your Creatures 2 directory. If you don't know how to import norns into Creatures 2, consult your game manual. 
  The Life Cycle of the Kai Norns  
 It's important to realise that kai norns are somewhat different to normal norns. It is important that you learn how to look after the m before importing a baby. Care is as for a normal norn, except during two stages: babyhood (if that's a word), and females who have just given birth. 
 Baby kai norns are not able to digest solid food very well at all. They lack bile acid- an important chemical for breaking down starch, fats and protein. They are dependant on their mother's milk for sustenance. Always keep a baby with its mother- the mot her will feed and look after the baby far better than you can. The mother will only feed the baby, though, in the first 20 minutes  since she laid the egg   (not since the baby hatched!). If your baby is an orphan, or the egg has been sitting around a long time, use the baby's milk vendor cob that the breed file has installed. This will supply your baby with rich nourishing milk. Yum! Once the baby grows into  childhood, their digestion system starts working, and they can be treated like a normal norn. 
 Once a mother gives birth, she will bond to her offspring once it hatches, and follow it around slavishly. She w ill feed the baby milk, and fuss over it constantly. During this time she is infertile, and uninterested in males. She will tend to pay attention to her offspring more than anyone else. A new drive, called 'broodiness' is the cause of this behaviour. When  she lays the egg, a chemical called oxytocin is released into her blood stream- this controls her maternal instincts. After 20 minutes, the oxytocin leaves her system, and she no longer feels broody towards her child. It's a good idea to keep a new mothe r and baby away from other norns- it will distract them both from each other. After 20 minutes has passed, she will become fertile again, and act like a normal norn. 
 You will find that some females are better mothers than others. Generally, they become better mothers the more children they have. 
  Biochemistry and Genome 
 The kai norn's biochemistry is quite complex, and explaining it here would take some time! If you wish a closer look, get a free copy of the genetics mapper from the Creatures Developer's Resource. 
 The genome is based upon the v2.0 Akamai Canny norn. There are some new chemical slots used: 
 192	 Broodiness Increase	 	 : Drive increaser. Works like any drive increase chemical. 
 193	 Broodiness Decrease	 	 : Drive decreaser. Works like any drive decrease chemical. 
 194	 Milk	 	 	 	 : Found in baby after feeding by mother. 
 195	 Milk Biproducts	 	 : Half digested milk (ergh!) 
 196	 Maternal Pheromone	 	 : Found in the baby when a parent is present, but undergoes different reactions than 	 	 	 	 	   parental pheromone. 
 197	 Broodiness Echo	 	 : Echo lobe chemical 
 198	 Oxytocin	 	 	 : Found in mother after laying. Prevents oestral cycle, and causes formation of 	 	 	 	 	   broodiness drive. 
 199	 Broodiness	 	 	 : Drive chemical. Emitted and reduced on the mother by the presence of the baby. 

Breed Contents

Breed Slot - Geat: 'k'
	- MALE: [Child, Youth]
	- FEMALE: [Child, Youth]
	- MALE: [Old]
	- FEMALE: [Old]

Creature Contents

Name: Nadia
Genus: Norn
Gender: Female


Name: Nikaido
Genus: Norn
Gender: Male

Breed Images

e188 - Breed C2SK - e2
e188 - Breed C2SK - e2
e188 - Breed C2SK - e2
e188 - Breed C2SK - e2

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Agent Preview - Baby's Milk vendor
Agent Preview - Baby's Milk vendor