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Deep Abyss by Yomegami and Mea for Docking Station, metaroom, and seed, food, plant, fruit and toy agents

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::----- Deep Abyss Readme.txt -----::
DEEP ABYSS of Mea and Grendel Man

The Deep Abyss was an idea Mea had that was spawned by Survivor: Arctic at Creatures Caves. She never actually got to write about it there, but she had plans for it. As seems to be par for the course by now, I decided I wanted to turn it into a reality for the CCSF 2013. So we combined it with a metaroom idea I had, the Whalefall metaroom, and turned it into this. 

Unfortunately, I suddenly lost all motivation before the CCSF, as I seem to be wont to do. As a result, the best I could manage was a room without any ecology, toys, or even basic food sources. This was the initial release for the CCSF 2013.

This second release for the New Year of 2014 has a little more - to be specific, it comes with plants. The two are in separate agents in the event you'd rather have an empty Deep Abyss for whatever reason. Make sure to inject the plants only AFTER you inject the main metaroom (unless you want errors)!

The plants are a pretty resilient bunch and aren't likely to die out even with a bunch of creatures grazing on them. Do note, however, that they will not grow outside of the Deep Abyss. The thermal vents there are vital to their livelyhood, and without them they'll die.

It works with all possible game combinations: C3 Standalone, DS Standalone, and DS Docked.

Installation: Put the .agents file into your "Creatures 3/My Agents" or "Docking Station/My Agents" folder, and you should be able to inject the Deep Abyss with the Creator (C3) or Agent Injector (DS).

If you're upgrading from V1: Make sure to remove the "Deep_Abyss_V1.catalogue" file from your "Creatures 3/Catalogue" or "Docking Station/Catalogue" folder before injecting this new version! You'll get an error that will prevent you from starting up your game if you don't!  

I would prefer it if you did not host the Deep Abyss on your own site unless the CCSF website and the Realm both go down and you cannot contact me. 

Questions? Comments? E-mail:
Grendel Man: ***** (Bug reports should go to this e-mail address)
Mea: *****

Agent Contents

Deep Abyss

The Deep Abyss metaroom, a spot at the very bottom of the ocean that nevertheless makes a good home for aquatic creatures. Graphics by Mea. Coding by Grendel Man.

Deep Abyss - Plants

The flora of the Deep Abyss. A surprisingly diverse bunch, given the location. Only inject this AFTER the main metaroom! Sprites by Mea; CAOs by Grendel Man.