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CCSF2011_TP2DS-Malkin by Malkin for Docking Station, is an agent pack with plant, seed, fruit, food, vendor, weed, critter and toy agents

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::----- TP2DS readme.txt -----::
+                                                   +
+       Terra Pluvialis 2 Docking Station           +
+                                                   +

This is a port of some of the agents from the metaroom Terra Pluvialis, injecting them into the DS Norn Meso.

The agent may be used either alongside Terra Pluvialis, or it may be used standalone to give your meso a Terra Pluvialis feel.

A known bug with the pitcher plants is that the seeds occasionally drip from the ceiling and vanish before hitting earth.  

The Solahan and Pitcher Plants are Butterfly Norn-friendly.  

The agents will be listed in the DS agent injector as TP2DS: Agent name.

The original Terra Pluvialis can be downloaded here:

This selection of agents was ported to DS by Malkin for the 2011 CCSF.  Peace, Love, and Carrots! <3

+                                                   +
+                      Credits                      +
+                                                   +

Many people have contributed to Terra Pluvialis over
the years - if I've missed anyone out, please tell me!

Background: Liam, with a little help from Moe, and
parts from Bloodluvingirl (spiral plants)
Coding: Aquashee, Liam, bobingabout, zareb, Clohse,
Images: Liam, Bloodluvingirl, MK112

Areign Plant
Sprites and coding by Liam


Agent Contents

TP2DS: Areign Plant

The glossy green areign plant is native to Terra Pluvialis.


TP2DS: Berry Plant

The berry plant is native to Terra Pluvialis.


TP2DS: Munchroom Vendor

Darcie's Munchroom Vendor from the 2005 CCSF.


TP2DS: Pitcher Plant

The Pitcher Plant is native to Terra Pluvialis.


TP2DS: Prate

The fuzzy prate is native to Terra Pluvialis.


TP2DS: Solahan Plant

Even in the depths of space, the Solahan Plant follows the sun.


TP2DS: Tuber Plant

A nutritious, starchy plant which is good for your creatures.


TP2DS: Voodoo Doll

You might not want your creatures to play with this toy...


TP2DS: Kiwi Vendor

The kiwi vendor, ported from Terra Pluvialis.