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A very old breed that attempted to improve the original (expressionless) C3 genomes
NOTE: Very colorful offspring when bred

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::----- readme.txt -----::
Osiris Norn Genome Version 1.4

This is the standard readme file for Osiris. The Osiris package contains male and 
female exports of baby age, and a genome file. This should be enough material to
satisfy any need. Place the export files into your Creatures3/My Creatures directory
and simply import them into your world of choice. The genome file might be of use
in a genome injector or genetic editor.

Due to somewhat misleading circumstances, and my own impatience, I misjudged and beleived
that I had discovered a "degree of mutation" gene code. As it turns out, it was just
coincidence that I saw the results I did, and they had nothing to do with changing that
code. So i set all my pigment genes to what I thought was maximum degree of mutation, when
in reality I had found a new way to turn them all off... It turns out that all that particular
code really does is turn the entire gene off... Nice, huh?

So this version fixes that issue, and activates all the pigment and bleed genes.

It was discovered (oh not again!) during a wolfling run, that many of my Osiris Norns were
basically living dead... Oxygen levels fixed, no breathing, no glucose... What the *!*#!?
So I took one to the aquarium and plunked him in. He did NOT die. In fact 30 minutes later
he was still walking around underwater. Careful observation led me to discover a liver
related Highlander syndrome of sorts... Old age still kills, but that's ALL that does...
Cyanide, geddonase, glycogen, carbon monoxide, starvation, drowning... No effect at all.

So... much as I hated to do it, I removed the "liver catabolic" damage from disease, end
of problem. Hmpf, thanks Cyberlife...

I did *not* like how rabid a disease #2 was, so I made it about the same as the others. I
prefer if I don't wake up to a graveyard of #2 victims on a long overnight wolf run.
Hey, the Shee left this damn ship to me, and if I don't like something, tough nuts :-)
Sorry if public opinion is otherwise, and if you guys want it back, I will oblige :-)

I added a new gene that produces a *very* light dose of antihistamine from fat and glucose.
It's not much, but it does reduce the duration of sneeze-and-cough a bit. I didn't think it
was very logical for a Norn to spend 90% of it's life sneezing.


Creature Contents

Name: Osiris 1.4 F
Genus: Norn
Gender: Female


Name: Osiris 1.4 M
Genus: Norn
Gender: Male

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Creature - Osiris 1.4 M
Creature - Osiris 1.4 M