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Official Creatures 2 Life Kit 2 - Diversity Pack is an agent and breed pack with critter, plant and pest agents

Text File Composite

::----- LK2-Diversity.htm -----::
Welcome to the second part of the Life Kit #2 for Creatures 2, a collection of new agents and a whole new species of Norn.





[Frog Norns](#frogs)


When injected the Anteater will roam around looking for ants. He does not always eat them as he can get full, but if he gets hungry and can't find any ants he will burrow into the ground and surface near an ants nest if there is one. He is less active at night and spends longer underground. If injected again the camera will focus on the position of him (although he may be buried at the time, so don't worry if you can't see him).

Hummingbirds and flowers[]
The hummingbirds lead a very simple life, and the introduction of the new tree flower provides them with all the nutrients and nesting materials they need. By day they will feed constantly to counter the energy they burn by flapping so fast, and at night time they will return to their nest and enter a state of hibernation. Hummingbirds are skitty creatures and the presence of norns near their nests will disturb them.

Wasps Nest[]
Two wasps nests are injected into the world. A nest may be activated either by you or by a creature, but the wasps will only come out if there is a creature near the nest. They will try to sting any nearby creatures as many times as possible before returning to their nest.

The scorpion lives in the desert. It scuttles about minding its own business, but if a creature tries to push or pull it, it will sting the creature with its tail. Any number of scorpions may be injected into the game.

Frog Norns[]
When injected some frog spawn will appear in the underground lake. The spawn will eventually hatch into tadpoles, who in turn will turn into froglets and then finally adult frogs. The frogs can't survive away from their pond for long, but they do enjoy jumping onto the peer for a sing and then jumping back in again. Some people have fairy stories about kissing an adult frog and then finding a strangely attractive member of the opposite sex in it's place, one who can breathe underwater but is doomed to never stray far from the pond. But you can't believe fairy stories ... or can you?


Lead Agent Engineer: Mark Ashton

Agent Engineering: Barnaby Green, Bart Baddeley & John Ferguson

Graphics: Sean Nicholls and Claudio Berni

Programming: Francis Irving

Product Testing: Barry O'Sullivan

Agent Contents


Walks around sometimes eating ants. Can bury into the ground and will appear near an Ants nest.



The frogspawn will hatch into tadpoles, which will grow first into froglets and then adult frogs. They must not stray too far from their home pond or they will perish.



Hummingbirds spend the day collecting nectar from flowers and at night they return to their nests. The presence of a norn near to their nests causes them to become agitated.



He scuttles about the desert and has a vicious bite.


Wasps Nests

Albian wasps are very protective over thier nests. If disturbed then expect the worst.


Breed Contents

Breed Slot - Norn: 'l'
	- MALE: [Child]
	- FEMALE: [Child]

Other Images

Agent Preview - Wasps Nests
Agent Preview - Wasps Nests
Agent Preview - Hummingbirds
Agent Preview - Hummingbirds
Agent Preview - Anteater
Agent Preview - Anteater
Agent Preview - Scorpion
Agent Preview - Scorpion
Agent Preview - Frogs
Agent Preview - Frogs