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C2 Tiger Grendels for Docking Station, contains a new sprite breed, and 2 baby grendel exports

Text File Composite

::----- Tiger Grendel Installation Instructions.txt -----::

Instructions: Put the .att files in the 'body data' folder, put the .c16 files in the 
'Images' folder. Put any files ending in .agent into the agents folder. Two exported
Grendels, Felix and Tabitha, are included. If you find the agent doesn't work, you can
start a population from these by putting them in your creatures folder and importing them.

Tiger Grendels are not as violent as the standard in-game ones.
Norns may annoy them, but they won't usually attack for no reason. They are also much easier 
to breed since reproduction is not terminal to the female. The genome is based on version 
2 of the Beefcake Grendel. The sprites occupy Grendel slot X.


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Breed Contents

Breed Slot - Grendel: 'x'
	- MALE: [Child, Adolescent, Adult]
	- FEMALE: [Child, Adolescent, Adult]

Breed Slot - Norn: 'x'
	- FEMALE: [Child]

Creature Contents

Name: Tabitha
Genus: Grendel
Gender: Female


Name: Felix
Genus: Grendel
Gender: Male

Breed Images

Breed C3GX preview
Breed C3GX preview
Breed C3GX preview
Breed C3GX preview
a405 - Breed C3GX.png
a405 - Breed C3GX.png

Other Images

Creature - Felix
Creature - Felix
Creature - Tabitha
Creature - Tabitha