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Yautja Norn Pack by Ghosthande for Docking Station, is an agent and breed pack with pest and plant agents

Text File Composite

::----- yautja_norn_story.txt -----::

It was night aboard the Capillata. Not literally of course, as it was travelling through the Warp, but according to the schedule set up by the ship's one crew member, the Lone Shee, it was night. Which explains why he was sleeping and didn't hear the alarm going off until his bed jolted from an impact, knocking himself, his blanket, and a bedtime cup of tea across the ship to land in a heap.

The last snore died away to be replaced by warning alarms only slightly less annoying, and the Lone Shee scrambled to his feet, grabbed his tea, and set off at a run to see what had rammed the Capillata. As he ran, he wondered how this could have happened. With the ship in the Warp, nothing should have been able to touch it...

He didn't have to wonder long. There, punched into the wall of the workshop, was a huge hole, with a starship somewhat like his own lodged within it. His fur twitched in happiness as he ran toward the ship. Another Shee! Even if they hadn't docked very nicely, his own liftoff from Albia had left something to be desired.

Then he stopped, his heart sinking. The ship didn't look very Sheeish after all. Rather than gene-spliced coral, its hull was rusted-looking metal, and the inside visible through the tear in its hull looked like a jungle of rusted equipment and weapons. There were no Norns. Then, he saw it: the crew member.

It was nearly two and a half meters tall, and built like a tail-less Grendel. Its skin was covered in an armor of fishlike scales in light brown and yellow patches. Rather than a tea-stained lab coat it wore an armored metal mask and a net draped over its body, with more weapons and what looked like skulls hanging from it. Its skin was stained with patches of some glowing yellow-green liquid.

Knowing his duty as a host, regardless of whether the alien had meant to drop in, the Lone Shee turned to it and smiled. "Would you care for some tea?" he asked, pulling a thermos of tea and two glasses from a pocket in his robe.

The alien didn't answer, just turned around to gesture angrily at the hole in its ship, then at the Lone Shee, in a manner he had previously only seen used by a Grendel right before it had attacked him.

He ran.

The alien continued to stare, then stepped back into its ship, leaving a small puddle of the green-yellow liquid and a few small weapons which had spilled out of the ship. It dragged a huge piece of metal over to the hole in the wall, then anchored it with what looked like some sort of net.

There was a huge roar of motors as the ship pulled away, then a poof as a forcefield sprang to life, sealing the Capillata's hole long enough for the Lone Shee to fix it. But he didn't--he was too busy staring at the goo on the floor.

"What's the matter?" he suddenly asked, raising his head to the hole in the wall. "Don't like lemon tea?"

Back in his lab, the Lone Shee stared at the stuff that had been left behind. A small puddle of goop, which upon scanning seemed to have been blood; some small weapons like the punch gun, but seemingly a lot more powerful; and a huge hole in the wall, currently being sealed by a pair of desert Ettins. All in all, he thought, lifting his genetic screwdriver, not a total loss. The DNA from the blood was unlike most anything he had seen before, he could hardly wait to splice it into a Norn egg and hatch the result.

A few minutes later, the Lone Shee was staring at the egg now sitting on the Norn Meso's hatching pan. It was slightly larger than a normal Norn's egg, and a deep shade of yellow somewhat like the beehives back on Albia. But all that could wait, it was hatching!

A tiny paw armed with even smaller black claws broke the eggshell, followed by a tiny head. The shell twitched, bulged, then burst, and the new Norn was out.

It tilted its head, covered in short silky fur the same color as the alien's scales, twitched an extremely weird-looking mouth that looked somewhat like that of Albia's Borland, and made an utterly adorable "bibble."

The Lone Shee leaned closer, fingers ready to tickle it, and it lunged and bit him on the ankle. Cursing loudly in Sheeish, he shook it off, and headed for the calm-balm he normally kept for Hardman Norns.

(This was going to be an interesting week, to say the least.)

(this story was written by sam999, since the breed idea was his, I just beta'd for him.) ::----- READ_ME_FIRST.txt -----:: YAUTJA NORNS -------------------- The Yautja Norns are a highly predatory breed with a CFE-based genome and fiery personality. They share a few similarities with the Sabertooth Norns, in that they are physically tougher than most breeds and tend to be somewhat picky about what they eat. It is also important to note that Yautja Norns are hunters, to a degree that far exceeds the Sabertooth Norns and only really finds a parallel in the Beowulf and Hardman breeds. The males are fighters--they will seek out and kill most Grendels with reckless abandon, so it is not advised that they be kept around friendly or "pet" Grendels that you wish to remain alive. The death update included in the pack offers a fairly important aspect of Yautja Norn behavior, and I recommend that you inject it in any world in which you plan to keep Yautja Norns. This is a very mild update and does not require you to start a new world or remove any creatures or eggs--all you need to do is try to make sure that there are no dead Creatures lying around when you inject it. Again, there are no serious repercussions if something "goes wrong"--at worst, if there was a dead Creature in the world that you didn't notice, the body will simply fail to disappear like normal, and you can simply kill-hots it to remove it. For the "full experience", it is advised that you hatch at least two Yautja Norns and allow them to grow up together, not only for companionship but because it is far easier for them to learn the appropriate behaviors and responses when they have a companion with similar instincts. Alternately, they can be raised in a normal environment with regular Norns, just like any other breed, although they may benefit from a little Calm Balm or Medicine Rattle every now and then. Yautja Norns have especially violent mating habits, so do not be alarmed if you see a female beating on other Norns. This is normal behavior. Creator: Ghosthande E-mail: *****@yahoo.com Website: http://www.family-gathering.org/bbw Terms and Copyright Notice: The Yautja, aka Predators, are copyright 20th Century Fox. The Creatures series, naturally, is the property of Gameware Development. I ("Ghosthand") am not affiliated with either party and no profit is being made from this breed in any way. This breed exists only as a parody and no copyright infringement is intended. The Yautja Norn Pack may be shared freely whenever the need should arise. I support filesharing wholeheartedly, but would prefer that those who have the means to download my agents for themselves do so from my web site--Breeders Beware. Should BBW ever go offline, then I do hope that others will redistribute, host, and archive this and any of my other creations for future use. Based on an original concept by sam999. Many thanks also go to Grendel_Man for all his helpful advice regarding the genetic details, and to Liam, Razgriz and Lulutherebel for their help in beta testing.

Agent Contents

Crunchy beetles


Death Update

An update to your game's death scripts. Although it will not cause serious errors, please ensure there are no dead Creatures in your game before injecting.

Jungle grass


Breed Contents

Breed Slot - Norn: 'v'
	- MALE: [Child, Adolescent, Adult, Old]
	- FEMALE: [Child, Adolescent, Adult, Old]

Breed Images

961c - Breed C3NV.png
961c - Breed C3NV.png
961c - Breed C3NV.png
961c - Breed C3NV.png
Breed C3NV preview
Breed C3NV preview

Other Images

Agent Preview - Crunchy Beetles
Agent Preview - Crunchy Beetles
Agent Preview - Death Update
Agent Preview - Death Update