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::----- Complete-Updated-C1-Grendel-Readme.txt -----::
Complete Updated Creatures 1 Grendel
By Jessica of Discover Albia
Original Grendels by Gameware
Baby Male Grendel Sprites by Greg Poehlein
Version 1.0


These files will overwrite the existing Grendel body data files and sprites. Make sure to create backups before copying over the new files.


This download includes body data and sprite fixes for the Creatures 1 Grendels. All life stages (baby, adult, and elder) are included for both genders. Most notably, poses and gaits have been markedly improved and all body parts should fit together without any previous issues.


- Body Data (Female)
- Body Data (Male)
- Sprites (Female)
- Sprites (Male)
- Complete-Updated-C1-Grendel-Readme.txt


- Make sure Creatures 1 is not running.
- (Optional) Create a backup of the original .att and .spr Grendel files.
- Place the new .att files in the Creatures 1\Body Data directory.
- Place the new .spr files in the Creatures 1\Images directory.
- Reload Creatures 1 and enjoy the new Grendels! Note that existing Grendels sometimes do not use the new files until changing life stages.


- All instances of sharing must include the Readme file and proper credit.
- This creation may be privately distributed and shared, provided that all files remain together, including the Readme.
- This creation may not be hosted, nor uploaded, anywhere unless Discover Albia goes down permanently and Jessica can not be reached.


Jessica of Discover Albia

Breed Contents

Breed Slot - Grendel: '0'
	- FEMALE: [Child, Adolescent, Senile]
	- MALE: [Child, Adolescent, Senile]

Breed Images

Breed C1G0 preview
Breed C1G0 preview
94aa - Breed C1G0
94aa - Breed C1G0