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This COB allows creatures to eat nuts and tomatoes in one chomp, rather than a few bites. This means there'll be no half-eaten nuts or tomatoes lying around.

Text File Composite

::----- Spiritreademe.txt -----::
C2 Cob - By Spirit

Just unzip this file into your creatures2/objects directory and it will install the sprite file for you,it's embedded into the actual cob now so no need toworry about incompatable sprites anymore.

This cob has been fully tested,if a problem arises then it's most likely due to one of two things;

1) There is already a cob of the same class numbers in the world already.

If this is the case,you will either have to forget about using this cob or remove the cobs you have already injected in your world one by one,until this cob can be injected successfully.
 You can also use Bobcob to open any cob file and take a peek at their class numbers and find the other parties cob that has the same class number that way.

2) The sprites didn't land in the correct directory,which is the /images directory of your creatures2 directory.
To fix this,just go into your file manager,like Explorer for Win95/98 and look into your c:/creatures2/images directory and see if there's another folder in there called "images" as well.If so,then open it up and move all of the .s16 files inside of it to your regular images directory,that should fix the problem.

You are free to distribute this cob  provided 
that this text file is included with each of the cobs and proper credit is given on the page.

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One Chomp Nuts

This will allow the nuts to be eaten whole in one chomp rather than remaining half eaten and inedible in the world for a while,causing creatures to keep trying to eat them rather than eating edible fresh fruit.