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Evil Homer Toy by Rachel for Creatures 1, a toy agents

Text File Composite

::----- Evil Homer Doll.txt -----::
Evil Homer Doll

   This is an Evil Homer Simpson toy for norns. When actived by a norn or the hand, it will play the Evil Homer song. (Some drums, and homer singing 'I am Evil Homer, I am Evil Homer'.)
When activated by a norn it decreases hunger by 150, tiredness by 255,sleepiness by 255, and boredom by 255.

The Evil Homer Doll uses the following script numbers:

 scrp 2 13 63 1
 scrp 2 13 63 2

 The remover cob doesn't use any script numbers.

 Unzip the .cob and .rcb files into your main Creatures directory. Unzip the .spr file into the creatures/images directory, and the .wav file to the creaures/sounds directory.


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Evil Homer Doll Remover

Evil Homer Doll