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"This is the Santa Norn that came with the Christmas Pack. You can now play with him all year round."

The Santa Norn was the first add-on breed to be released from Cyberlife.

There are two official versions of Santa norn:

A. The first (this one) was released in 1996 and fills breed slot 3.

B. The second Santa Norn '97, a more colourful rendition that was released in 1997, takes up breed slot 7.

Both versions only contain adult male sprites.

Breeding Santa with other females results in female offspring with Horse Norn body parts or male offspring with enlarged male Santa norn parts.

Breed Contents

Breed Slot - Norn: '3'
	- MALE: [Child]

Creature Contents

Name: Santa
Genus: Norn
Gender: Male

Breed Images

893d - Breed C1N3
893d - Breed C1N3
893d - Breed C1N3
893d - Breed C1N3