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Pow-wow Norns by Spirit for Creatures 1, contains a new sprite breed, agent and 2 baby norn exports

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::----- pow-wow.txt -----::
Pow-Wow Norns
Creatures 1 Norns von Spirit

Ursprünglich belegten die Pow-Wow Norns Slot 8 (siehe Original-Readme). Da sehr viele 
andere Nornrassen in Slot 8 liegen, habe ich (Mummy) sie für Slot 9 umgeschrieben. Ein 
paar fehlende Dateien (Body Data und Sprites) wurden von mir ergänzt.

Installation: Kopiere die Sprites (spr) ins Verzeichnis "Images" und die Attachments 
(att) ins Verzeichnis "Body Data". Das Eggs-Cob gehört ins Creatures-Hauptverzeichnis, 
die Genome dad9 und mum9 müssen in den Ordner "Genetics" kopiert werden. Die Eier können 
über den Object Injector ins Spiel eingefügt werden. Auch zwei Nornbabys, Chief und Squaw, 
sind im Zip-Archiv enthalten.

::----- README_UP_NORN!!.txt -----::
Pow-Wow norns

Pow-Wow norns are a new norn type that I made because of how much I love sharing the beauty of my heritage,the Cherokee.
They are festively adorned with beads and when the males reach adulthood they earn their first feather.:)

This zip contains everything you need to form your own norn fleet:

1)The sprites(spr) and body data files (att) for the new body type.

2)Four freshly hatched babies all zipped up,in case you don't have the objects injector,which is available at the Cyber-Life home page.

3) Pow-Wow Norn eggs in a cob,so you can hatch as many as you want to keep your gene pool fresh.
They work the same way as any other breed,such as the Ron or Horse Norns and use slot #8 in the program.
(There are 10 slots in all 0=Banana,1= Fox and so on,Pow-Wows are 8)

 In order to add them to your program  you must install their data files,the files with the .spr and .att  extentions.(Directions below)

To use the Egg Cob,unzip the mum8.gen and dad8.gen into your Creatures/Genetics folder and the egg cob file into your regular cob directory.
Then you just use them as you would any other cob,by opening your object injector and selecting the egg cob,this will place an egg into your world that's just like any other norn egg.

 They will breed normally with any other norn and produce interestingly mixed babies.:)

To install:
Unzip the .att files into your Creatures/Body Data directory and the .spr files into your Creatures/Images directory.
Then just import the norns (.exp) and enjoy.:)

Feel free to distribute this zip file on your own non-norn abuse site as long as this readme file is included.
If you plan to put any norns with Pow-Wow features on your website you'll need to distribute this zip as well,(or direct your visitors to my page,don't link *directly* to the file on my server,that'll slow things down)so that others can see your norns as you had bred them.:)

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Agent Contents

Create A Creature

Breed Contents

Breed Slot - Norn: '9'
	- FEMALE: [Child, Adolescent]
	- MALE: [Child, Adolescent]

Creature Contents

Name: Squaw
Genus: Norn
Gender: Female


Name: Chief
Genus: Norn
Gender: Male

Breed Images

Breed C1N9 preview
Breed C1N9 preview
887f - Breed C1N9.png
887f - Breed C1N9.png