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  • Creatures 3
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Yule Pack (1999) for Creatures 3, is an agent pack with fruit, toy, medicine, food, seed, plant and weed agents

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::----- Readme.txt -----::
Readme Instructions for 1999 C3 Yule Pack


All agent files for Creatures 3 reauire updated Creator machine 
which can be found in the "Creatures 3 Update 1" download available 
from www.creatures3.com 

You can easily check if you have this upgrade by examining the Creator 
machine. The updated version has a new button marked with ‘X’ (this is 
the ‘remove’ button and will allow you to take down your Yule decorations 
after the holiday). The original version did not have this button. 

Please note, however, that you must create a new world after applying 
the update as it will not update your existing worlds! 
(If you try and use the creator in worlds that were created 
before you applied the update, you will get an 
error telling you that the .s16 files are not present.) 

Agent Files

These files should be downloaded and placed into your 
'Creatures 3/My Agents' folder.

You can now use the Creator in engineering to inject these 
new agents into the world.

These Yule agents do not cost bioenergy to create, so you do 
not need to have collected the power ups to inject these new items.
Most items will appear in a certain place in the world - normally 
in the Norn Terrarium - and when injected the Creator machine 
will show some of the location on the screen. Unless you are 
very familiar with the appearance of hte ship you may have trouble 
recognising the location - don't worry! Just go back to the Norn 
Terrarium and search for the new objects.

About the Agent files in the 1999 C3 Yule Pack

Yule Lights - Lots of lights to brighten up the Norn terrarium. These 

Agent Contents

SuperClean Bacterial Spotter

Any bacteria caught in the spray will become visible for a short period of time

SuperClean Bacterial Spray

Kills all bacteria it comes into contact with.

Yule Booze

A selection of festive booze, keep it away from the kids!


Yule Car

A special go-faster red sports car for everyone to enjoy


Yule Crackers

Explosive Yule fun for the whole family!


Yule Fireworks

Oooh! Aaah! Isn't that pretty.


Yule Food

A selection of festive food


Yule Lights

A mass of lights to make the place look, er, special

Yule Trees

A tree for each species