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gil_555 by Artur Marques for Creatures 2, contains a new sprite breed

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::----- readme.txt -----::
This document has 3 sections:

1 - Introduction
3 - ABOUT...

1 - Introduction

GIL is a new species (NORN, slot W) for one of the most sophisticated Artificial Life products in existence: the PC game [or software toy] Creatures 2, from CYBER LIFE.
As all the default species in C2, GIL can learn and manifest emergent behaviour. This is only possible because in C2, programmers did NOT code all the possible events, related to agents. In alternative, they "learned from mother nature", and modelated LIVING entities, in a bottom-up approach.
The consequences are that a great burden is taken off the programmer's shoulders, and that players will really face UNEXPECTED situations. The Creatures' agents can evolute through genetic and natural selection, have tissues that build organs... and act according to a dynamic learning system, supported by bio realistic semantic network.
All the effort on the CREATURES project was on making the most solid artificial life beings, ever created! These creatures really LIVE. They can reproduce, they have feelings, they do things that grow from their experiences... its really impressive and wonderful.
Motivated by Ana Paiva, an expert on Software Agents and Artificial Intelligence, I've decided to work on a different project. Why not make a NEW species for C2?
Based on the GIL pet, from the exposition EXPO 98, held in Lisbon, Portugal, I've created an adult GIL creature, that is 100% original, relative to any other species, ever done for C2. Making a NEW species was NOT a new thing, but the (few) authors were always starting from previously existing creatures, meaning that the final "product" would be something very much like something seen before.
GIL is different. Is DOES NOT reuse any default creature's sprites, and has also been genetically modified in order to always breath an air of top quality :-). Yep, GIL is amphibious, but he is also a great dancer...


Instructions to install GIL on Creatures 2:

#1 - copy ALL .s16 files to your Creatures 2 IMAGES folder.
#2 - copy ALL .att files to your Creatures 2 BODY DATA folder.
#3 - copy the .egg file to your Creatures 2 EGGS folder.

Instructions to PLAY with GIL on Creatures 2:

#1 - Afteer installing GIL, go to the hatchery and hatch the new egg.
3 - ABOUT...

GIL is FREE. You should have NOT paid for it.

Please visit my website, for many other stuff:

(c) Artur Marques, 1999

Breed Contents

Breed Slot - Norn: 'w'
	- MALE: [Child]

Breed Images

5ae6 - Breed C3NW
5ae6 - Breed C3NW
Breed C3NW preview
Breed C3NW preview
Breed C2NW preview
Breed C2NW preview