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::----- gaiareadme.rtf -----::
Guide to Gaia 
 Gaia (Genetic Ark Interface Apparatus) is a shipboard computer for your spaceship, but she is also much more. Rather than being just another machine, she has her own consciousness and needs, and an intelligence equal to that of the norns. She is part of t he ship, and runs its systems, keeping the ship and its ecosystem healthy. 
 	 However, she also has her own needs- she likes to play with the hand, and needs sleep from time to time, just like any other creature. 
  You must have the Creatures 3 upgrade patch installed before you attempt to install Gaia!  
    1.	     Unzip, and place the file ‘ gaia.agent’  in the ‘ my agents’  folder of your creatures 3 directory. The C3 directory is normally found at c:\program files\creatures 3\. 
    2.	Start up Creatures 3. 
    3.	 Go the engineering section of the ship, and start the creator. Search through the various items until you get to Gaia. Inject her, and she will appear just above your creator. All files she needs to run will be extracted to the relevant places of  your hard drive. This can take some time on lower spec pcs- be patient, it will finish! After injection, you will hear Gaia quickly say a series of words. This is her learning her vocabulary at many times the speed a norn can. 
    4.	To remove Gaia, select her  in the creator machine again. Click on the cross so that it lights up, then click on it again to remove her. Your world will be back in the same state it was before Gaia was injected. Clever, eh? 
     General Care  
 Gaia obviously needs different care to a normal creature. For a start, she is immortal and doesn’ t age or get ill, so that is one area of you won’  t need to worry about. Gaia does, however, have two new drives: Hunger for Bioenergy, and Ecology. 
     Hunger for Bioenergy  
 Gaia constantly monitors the ship’ s bioenergy, and if it falls below 500, she gets hungry. Gaia can eat practically anything on the ship, and when she eats, the ship’  s bioenergy levels will rise. Her digestion is just as efficient as the recycler. She is a little more picky than the recyc ler, though. To stop her eating anything vital, she can only eat things that the hand can pick up, and that are not unique in the world. For instance, she will not eat the Contact Sensor Gadget, because the ship only has one of them, and she will not eat  lift buttons, because they are stuck down. However, she will eat anything else! It might be an idea to keep your blueprints and connected agents away from her… 
 Gaia constantly monitors the state of the ship’ s ecosystem, looking for species that have gone extinct. When she finds a species, she becomes ‘ ecological’  . She can choose to recreate this extinct species,  if she feels like it, or you can ask her to, by telling her to ‘ create’ . If she chooses to create the extinct species, she will make the n ew organisms in a sensible place in the ship- gnarlers are made near the volcano, for instance, and fish are created in the sea. She will also tell you which species she has created. She normally chooses to create about three or four of the organism in on e go, although she might decide to create more or less, depending on her mood! 
     Otherwise, she needs pretty much the same care and attention a norn does. Give her time to sleep, visit her now and again to check she’  s ok, and give her a toy to play with (she might eat it if she’ s hungry, though!). 
 I always try to make my agents as bug free and user friendly as possible, however, you might come across one of the following issues: 
  When I injected Gaia, my creator machine disappeared!  
 The C3 patch allows all the files Gaia depends on (there are some 75 of them!) to be combined into a single agent file, along with all her scripts. You must also create a new world after installing the patch. Tedious, I know, but necessary to make the cre ator work correctly. 
  My hard drive makes lots more noise when I shut down the game, and the game seems to run a bit slower  
 Gaia does use quite a lot of your computer’ s RAM. She has very large sprites for a creature- most creatures use 2 Mb, whereas Gaia u ses 3. While she is installed, all creatures in that world have their sprite memory allocation increased to 3 Mb. This means the computer uses quite a lot more RAM. It’  s not been a problem to the testers (see below), but I imagine it could be. Another possible problem might be that, with the more stable ecosystem Gaia creates, there’  ll be more critters and species in the world, using up more memory and processor power. 
 The only real solution to this is to remove Gaia. Sorry, but that’ s the only possible thing you can do! 

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Genetic Ark Interface Apparatus


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Breed Slot - Geat: 'g'
	- FEMALE: [Child]

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Breed C3SG preview
Breed C3SG preview
Breed C3SG preview
Breed C3SG preview
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516f - Breed C3SG.png

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Agent Preview - Gaia
Agent Preview - Gaia