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  • Creatures 3
  • Docking Station
  • Ghosthande
  • Gobbo
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Dustdevil Eggs by Ghosthande and Gobbo for Docking Station, is an agent and breed pack with toy, seed, fruit, food, plant and critter agents

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::----- Dustdevil_readme.txt -----::
The Dustdevil Grendels are a new breed with genetics based on Vampess's CFE genomes, and they come with a variety of agents and a couple of fixes. They hail from the Ettin Desert, but overall have the same personality as your average Jungle Grendel. This breed is based on an original idea and concept art by Gobbo, with additional input from a lot of different people. Peer-reviewed Grendels, baby! :P

The breed pack is for Creatures 3 and Docking Station and was originally released for the CCSF 2012. It comes with seven agents:

Calendar wheel (C3 or DS)
Tells the date and time of day, and emits heat. Injects into the Ettin Desert in C3 or DS docked worlds, or the Norn Meso in undocked DS worlds.

   How it works: The calendar rings rotate so that the current season and cycle period are located at the top. The inner ring indicates
   which day it is within a season, as indicated by groups of circles; markers on this ring also indicate when it is early moring (rising
   sun) or late evening (crescent moon). The outer ring tells if it is spring (stormcloud), summer (sun), autumn (owl) or winter (bat).

Crystal skull (DS only)
May have strange effects on Creatures?

   How it works: The crystal skull is a gimmicky accessory for your Creatures to ponder over, but it also has some other
   properties. Will it infuse your Creatures with the knowledge of the ancients...?

Succulent (C3 or DS)
A sweet treat young Creatures will enjoy.

   How it works: Designed to grow in the new desert nursery, it will also happily colonize the rest of the Ettin Desert or any other dry
   area to which it is introduced. This succulent is classified as fruit, and thus provides an extra food source for Creatures that are
   not naturally inclined to supplement their diet with bugs. Or those that just have a bit of a sweet tooth.

Sunflower (C3 or DS)
Turn any dry area into a field of sunflowers. Seeds are a good source of starch.

   How it works: The sunflower is a tall plant that needs to be pollinated by insects. Balloon bugs will perform this role nicely. The
   Albian Sunflower has the peculiar habit of "following" Albia's sun, despite the fact that they are many generations removed from
   the disk world.

Thorny devil (C3 or DS)
A prickly, heat-loving lizard that will help keep your desert nice and tidy.

   How it works: The thorny devil is poisonous if Creatures mess with it--but harmless as long as they leave it alone. It likes warm
   areas, and will occasionally eat stray raindrops and cacbana seeds so that you won't end up with so many of them littering the
   Desert Terrarium. (The C3/DS "collision script" that tells an agent when it has hit a surface such as the ground, is itself buggy
   and does not always activate when it ought to; this can lead to agents like the abovementioned raindrops and seeds to

Agent Contents

Calendar wheel

Crystal skull

May have strange effects on Creatures?


Desert nursery





Thorny devil


New gadget dropper

Breed Contents

Breed Slot - Grendel: 'x'
	- MALE: [Child, Adolescent, Adult]
	- FEMALE: [Child, Adolescent, Adult]

Breed Images

3f37 - Breed C3GX.png
3f37 - Breed C3GX.png
3f37 - Breed C3GX.png
3f37 - Breed C3GX.png
Breed C3GX preview
Breed C3GX preview

Other Images

Agent Preview - Calendar wheel
Agent Preview - Calendar wheel
Agent Preview - Crystal skull
Agent Preview - Crystal skull
Agent Preview - Desert nursery
Agent Preview - Desert nursery
Agent Preview - Succulent
Agent Preview - Succulent
Agent Preview - Sunflower
Agent Preview - Sunflower
Agent Preview - Thorny devil
Agent Preview - Thorny devil
Agent Preview - Calendar wheel
Agent Preview - Calendar wheel