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  • Spirit
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Fairie Norns by Spirit for Creatures 1, contains a new sprite breed, and 2 norn exports

Text File Composite

::----- FAIRIEC1reademe.txt -----::
C1 Fairie Norns - By Spirit
 These new norns occupy the same slot as my Trek,Pow-wow and Teddybear Norns so only one type can be used at a time.What I do is just save the zip files and when I get tired of one type,I can just unzip another one into the same directory and let it overwrite the files there.The norns are interchangeable for this reason,although their genomes are vastly different.I had to do it this way because there are so few slots to add norns types to the game,only 9 I believe and Cyber-Life has the first 7,so I chose slot 8 and use it exclusively for my types.Be aware however,that other creators of norn types may also use slot 8,so check your third party norn types for their slot number before installing any new variety,the slot number is the last number listed in the name of both the .att and .spr files,for example,the baby head image (spr)for the male is file a008.spr,the 8 is the slot number.

 To install these files into your program,just unzip the main zip file to release two more zips inside of it,one is the sprites (08spr.zip) for the norns and the other is the body data(08att.zip).
Then just unzip each of those into their proper directory.The Sprite files,(08spr.zip),go into your Creatures "images" directory and the Body Data files,(08att.zip),go directly into your Creatures Body Data directory,then import one of the norns.

You may redistribute any of my cobs or norns without prior approval,provided that you leave the readme files intact and give proper credit next to the link to the files themselves on your page.For example,just put "By Spirit" next to the link,that's all I ask.

Mac users that can convert sprites from PC to Mac,are welcome to convert my norn types and whatever other files they are able to convert,the same rules above apply,but that's all.:)

If you want to use any of my files in yours or alter mine to add to yours,that's fine,provided that I still receive credit for the scripts and sprites you use,such as "Based on or created from cob originally by Spirit" in the readme file,something to that effect will be fine.

As long as credit is given,you don't need to ask me for permission,I get a kick seeing my cobs with my name next to them on other sites,.

Thanks for using my stuff!:)

::----- installation readme.txt -----::
There have been updates made to this distribution
of the fairie norns.  As such, there are new
installation guidlines.

To install the new breed, you will have to copy all
.att files to your \Creatures\Body Data\ directory,
all .spr files to your \Creatures\Images\ directory,
and the .exp files to your main Creatures directory.
You should then be able to import sun and moon, your
two new fairie norns.

The norns use slot 8, and may clash with any norns
currently using this slot.

For more information on this distribution of the Fairie
norns, visit www.egg-central.com or e-mail

Breed Contents

Breed Slot - Norn: '8'
	- FEMALE: [Child]
	- MALE: [Child]

Creature Contents

Name: Moon
Genus: Norn
Gender: Female


Name: Sun
Genus: Norn
Gender: Male

Breed Images

Breed C1N8 preview
Breed C1N8 preview
3c59 - Breed C1N8
3c59 - Breed C1N8