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Angler Grendels by Cyborg for Docking Station, contains a new sprite breed, and 5 baby grendel exports

Text File Composite

::----- careNotes.txt -----::
[Care Instructions]
They do need some babysitting to make sure they don't starve themselves.

Reccomended agents:
-Medical Monitor Update Agent
-X-ray +
-Any aquatic edible critter or bug agents

These anglers can be distracted by items that they can't get nutrients from like seeds, food and fruit. Althrough they do get Vitamin C from fruit. You may need to redirect their attention so they don't starve.

I copied and modified the genes from Dragoler's monotremes to make the male Angler grendel dependant on female grendels. I recommend teaching any new baby male anglers to "name approach grendel" in a room with female grendels. Then praising him.

If the male grendel gets fixated on unhelpful objects; for instance the Deep Abyss's smoke; slap him to get him out of the loop. You might have to move him closer to female grendels.

As the Angler uses 2017 geonome as a base, crossbreeding with closely related geonomes are more likely to produce healthy female offspring. I doubt the ability for male angler hybrids to survive.

::----- readMe.txt -----::
Hi I'm Cyborg.
Inspired by Anglerfish.
The smaller male Angler grendel is reliant on female grendels for nutrients. This is inspired by some anglerfish species' sexual parasitism.
The female Angler grendel feeds on critters and bugs, make sure they have plenty of edible prey.
Angler Grendels can synthesize their own Vitamin C.
They look best in the Deep Abyss metaroom.
Life span ~ 3 - 4 hrs 30min with babysitting.

Reccomended agents:  Swimming Agent, Water Eggs, Critter and Bug Smells.
Required scripts: Sensorimotor Lobe.

v0.9.0 Alpha - 27/11/22 (Other side of the globe times)
v1.0.0 Alpha - 28/11/22
-dispenser is no longer associated with food

-Creatures wiki
-Ghosthande's resources
-Ghosthande's PrayEgger
-CosmiSynth's Egg Agent Construction Kit
-Bedalton's att editor plugin

-X-ray + by GauHelldragon & Verm
-Verm's Autopsy Report

Genetic material referenced from:
-Dragoler's monotremes
-Verm's Sensorimotor lobe
-KittyTikara's swim bladder

and thanks to everyone who followed along with the project and provided encouragement!

::----- story.txt -----::
/location curio
Planet: [redracted]
Region: [redracted]
Depth: 400m
Pressure: 4015 kPa

/get new log
[Curio Log]
[Image: a shelled organism with 4 flippers.]
Size: 0.2m
[Image: flat fish-like organism, 2 ribbon flippers and a long thin tail.]
Size: 1m
[Image: flat fish-like organism opening its mouth full of sharp teeth.]
Size: 1m
Total drone integrity: 100% decreased to 80%
[Image: flat fish-like organism licking the camera.]
Size: 1m
[Image: flat fish-like organism nuzzling the camera.]
Size: 1m
[/Curio Log]

It looks like it's curious of our little buddy. I guess appearances can be deceiving. Proceed deeper.

/depth curio
Depth: 500m
Pressure: 5019 kPa

/get new log
[Curio Log]
[Image: floating glass-like icosahedron]
Size: 20m
[Image: floating glass-like dodecahedron]
Size: 9m
[Image: swimming jelly-like slug with glowing ribbons]
Size: 0.0001m
[Image: swimming jelly-like hat with glowing ribbons hanging underneath]
Size: 0.3m
[/Curio Log]


Breed Contents

Breed Slot - Grendel: 'u'
	- FEMALE: [Child, Adolescent, Adult]
	- MALE: [Child, Adolescent]

Creature Contents

Name: Fluorite
Genus: Grendel
Gender: Male


Name: Garnet
Genus: Grendel
Gender: Male


Name: Jade
Genus: Grendel
Gender: Female


Name: Lapis
Genus: Grendel
Gender: Female


Name: Sunstone
Genus: Grendel
Gender: Female