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Artemia Seas by Yomegami and Mea for Docking Station, metaroom, and plant, food, pest, critter, toy, seed and fruit agent

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::----- Artemia Sea Readme.txt -----::
ARTEMIA SEA of Grendel Man and Mea

"Artemia" is a genus of brine shrimp; to be specific, it is the genus of brine shrimp that the Amazing Live Sea Monkeys are classified under. As might be guessed from that explanation, Artemia Sea is a metaroom based upon the tank from the Amazing Virtual Sea Monkeys. 

The idea of this metaroom largely came from two places: Clohse's Sea Monkey Marina, a similar Sea Monkeys-based metaroom for Docking Station, and Nornenmeister's Albian Sea Bay, a Sea Monkeys-based world for Creatures 2. Artemia Sea bears much more of a resemblance to the latter; in fact it's not much of a Sea Monkeys room at all despite the base.

Artemia Sea is a saltwater metaroom designed to be a home for swimming creatures, though there shouldn't be any places where non-swimming creatures can get stuck in one place (though if non-swimmers venture over to the left side of the metaroom they'll likely be stuck there as the tunnel is sadly one-way). While some of its flora and fauna does come from AVSM, others come from Creatures 1 and 2. There's even a few organisms unique to Artemia swimming around.

Special thanks goes to clohse for providing me with the Sea Monkey images (and an apology goes to her as well for running off and making my own metaroom with them instead of using them for the Sea Monkey Marina as intended ._.).

This metaroom is compatible with all game combinations: C3 Standalone, DS Standalone, and DS Docked.

Version History: 
*V1.0: Initial release for the CCSF 2014
*V1.1: Fixed lag-causing issue with the Sea Gooseberries
**All floating flora + fauna will now fall when picked up and dropped; this ensures that they don't hover in place when put in the inventory
**Reef fish swim a little faster
**Dead sharks will no longer "revive" if pushed or pulled (Though given sharks are immortal it's unlikely you'll ever see a dead shark)
**Seahorses move faster when trying to find a mate or a plant
**Jellyfish are considerably less toxic

Installation: Put the .agents file into your "Creatures 3/My Agents" folder or "Docking Station/My Agents" folder, and you should be able to inject Artemia Sea with the Creator (C3) or Agent Injector (DS). 

I would prefer it if you did not host Artemia Sea on your own site unless the CCSF website and the Realm both go down and you cannot contact me. 

Questions? Comments? E-mail:
Grendel Man: ***** (Bug reports should go to this e-mail address)
Mea: *****

Agent Contents

Artemia Sea

A wide expanse of salt water based off the tank from the Amazing Virtual Sea Monkeys and filled with sea life of all sorts, tailored to meet the needs of swimming creatures. Sprites by CL and Mea. CAOs by Grendel Man.