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Xmas North Pole Metaroom for Creatures 3, metaroom, and plant, fruit and food agent

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::----- NorthPole.txt -----::
The C3 Christmas Food

Please note that this agent has generously been supplied by NeoDecatur, a third-party developer. 
Whilst we at Creature Labs have made every effort to quality test this product and have found it 
free from errors, we can not guarantee that it will work with your particular set-up. Therefore, 
you must contact the developer, *****@aol.com, for assistance should you have any problems.

To use the new area, simply copy the 'xmaspole.agents' file into your Creatures 3 'My Agents' file.
Your Creatures 3 world must be patched to Level 2. It is very easy to check this - simply go to
the Creator machine in the Engineering section.  Your Creator machine should have four buttons on
it - two scrolling arrows, a 'o' button, and a 'x' button.  If the 'x' button is absent, point your
web browser to the Creature Labs support pages, at 'http://www.support.creaturelabs.com/', and download
the Creatures 3 Update Patch 2.

Assuming that this is okay, after you've copied the 'xmaspole.agents' file into your 'My Agents' folder,
go to your Creator machine, and scroll through the available objects until you come to the red stripey pole. 
Click the 'o' button, and go to the upper level of the North Terrarium!

Enjoy the North Pole, and have a great Christmas!

Agent Contents

The North Pole


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Agent Preview - stickerport.agents