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updated past seas and past seas patch-Grendel_Man by Yomegami and Uzag for Docking Station, metaroom, and seed, food, critter, toy, plant, fruit and pest agent

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::----- Past Seas Patch Readme.txt -----::
PAST SEAS PATCH by Grendel Man and Nirax

What's this, you ask? Well, due to the fact that I had to compile this agent manually, I figured there might be an issue where some images do not get unpacked/didn't get included in the agent file in the main download of Past Seas. As such, if you get an error that says something about missing dependencies/image files/sounds, this download contains all images and sounds used by the metaroom. 

Installation: If necessary, put the .c16 files into the "Images" folder, and put the .wav files into the "Sounds" folder. Afterwords, you should be able to inject and use the room with no problems. 

Again, I'd prefer it if no one hosted this on their own site, unless Nirax or I vanish from the face of the CC. 

Questions? Comments? E-mail *****@hotmail.com.

::----- Past Seas Readme.txt -----::
PAST SEAS of Grendel Man and Nirax

This metaroom was one of my oldest ideas. It was conceived all the way back before the Gameware forums crashed in a forum thread. It recieved a surprising amount of interest despite my epic lack of CAOs, or even mapping, skill, even going so far as to get a much better background created for it. Then interest died, the Gameware forums went down, and I went on to other things.

6 or 7 years later, I had finally gained enough CAOs skill to have another go at the room. With help from Liam, I managed to get into contact with Nirax (bringing her back to the CC in the process), and with her help I was able not only to obtain the original background, but get it redone and get a bunch of new critters and plants to populate the room. 

Then my ADHD kicked in, and I stopped working on it for a full year. Cue this year, and the urge to contribute something to the CCSF 2011 finally spurred me to fix whatever issues remained and get this room out. 

About time, huh?

Past Seas is a small (about the same size as the Grendel Hideout), two level aquatic metaroom for non-swimming creatures. As the name suggests, it's mostly composed of graphics from C1 and C2, with some critters from both games. However, there's also a fair amount of critters derived from the prehistory of Earth (and one piece of present-day flora). 

This room works with both C3 and Docking Station, both standalone and docked. 

There are two autokill bugs present in the room, due to being caused by things not related to the coding (Just turn autokill on and they won't be problems, since they're both very uncommon):
*The zanderfish error is due to them growing up too close to a wall and triggering a bounding box error in the process.  
*The tube anemone error is due to an anemone trying to eat a zanderfish at the same time as an orthocone or creature. Both agents try to kill the zanderfish at the same time, and the result is that one of them errors.

In addition, occasionally you might find greater trilobites wandering around on the upper level without the aid of a creature. This is because the adult bounding box is larger than the baby's, and they grew up too close to a wall and teleported due to their coding. It is fixable, just not by me and my horrid skills at editing sprites. 

Installation: Put the .agents file into your "My Agents" folder, and you should be able to inject the room with the Creator (C3) or Agent Injector (DS). 

Due to me not being the only person who worked on this project I'd prefer if you didn't host it on your own site (unless I vanish from the CC and you can't get a hold of Nirax). 

Questions? Comments? E-mail *****@hotmail.com. 

P.S. If you read this far, I'll go ahead and say that there's an easter egg hidden somewhere in the room. If you're sufficiently bored, maybe you should try finding it.

Agent Contents

Past Seas

The Past Seas metaroom, created by Grendel Man and Nirax.